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One thing I hate is to visit a messed up blog. The moment I visit a blog which looks too amateur, and not well thought about in terms of design, I simply close the browser.

I am not the only one who does this, everyone wants to be greeted with elegance and if you do not care about the look of your blog, visitors are conditioned to think that the content will equally not be great.

If you are getting lots of traffic coming to your blog from search engines (organic traffic) or from other sources and the moment they land on your page, they run away, then this is the time to look at the design of your blog.

The way and manner your blog looks in terms of design is a strong indication to visitors as to the quality of what they will be getting.

If you will not waste time in a dirty room, why will a web visitor hang around your dirty blog when he/she can find elegant blogs out there?

Every blog gets the look and feel form its theme.  Because of how important themes are in blogging, people pay thousands of dollars to get their themes designed for them.

I have a friend who paid over $10,000 for a customized blog theme. And to be frank, it is worth it. The moment you land on his blog, you get the feel that this is a person who knows what he is talking about, after all, he has presented his information very well-everything is well layered.

I know not all of us have $10,000 budget to spend on a theme. This is why I am going to share with you some of the best premium but affordable wordpress themes which can give your blog or website a $10,000 elegant feel or look, but at a far cheaper price.

With just $39, you can get as many as over 75 premium wordpress themes to give your blog or website that professional touch.

Apart from the advantage of giving your site the professional look and appeal at such a low price, the guys at will give you all the support you need to make sure that, you are really getting what you want.

Another thing I love about elegantthemes is that, you can shift things around easily. You do not have to be geek to tweak the theme (that is even if you will ever want a tweak since the many available options are satisfactory).

With as many as 75 premimum wordpress themes to choose from, in fact, you are only paying 50 cents ($0.50) for a theme. Where can you find such elegant professional themes for just 50 cents each? No where except at

The best part of it all is that, together with their on-time support and help, you also get free theme updates. If you do not want this, what else do you want? 🙂

Why don’t you take control of your site visitors and make them stay by grabbing some of the many premium wordpress themes elegantthemes  have to offer now?

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Woothemes also have some amazing wordpress themes to offer, especially to those looking for wordpress  e-commerce themes.

The prices of their themes are little expensive compared to that of but then, the designs and quality they offer is far below the price tag they charge for their themes.

If you were supposed to pay someone to design any of the user and search engine friendly wordpress Woo Themes offer, you will be look to pay thousands of dollars.

At, with as less as $70, you can subscribe to their Standard Package and begin to use some of their well coded themes to give your blog the Woo look.

As I mentioned above, if you want visitors to stay and see you as a lead in your field, you have to add some professional touch to your presentation.  And it all starts with the look of your blog or website.

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