The Passport Bros—An Exodus of Men Seeking Relationships Beyond the Borders


Relationship conversations on social media have recently become almost like a banter. Largely, you will find women congregating at one corner and supporting a position and men clapping together at the other side with similar views but contrary to the positions of the women. And these two genders are supposed to be in relationships together.

On the back of the overwhelming disagreements in ideas, values, expectations, and general way of life, many men are casting their nets wider and exercising options beyond their near borders.

Passport Bros

In the West, many men who claim to be tired of Western women or women who strongly hold certain Western ideas are traveling far into certain countries to find love or relationships. These men say they cannot spend their lives in relationships arguing with Western women whose current ideas assault certain family, relationship, general, and masculine values—and these men have decided to find their “ideal women” in different parts of the world.

The Urban Dictionary defines “Passport Bros” as: “men who have chosen to seek out foreign women, typically from other countries, for relationships. They believe that Western women have been influenced by cultural and societal pressures to behave in a certain way and that by seeking out foreign women, they can find a more authentic, fulfilling, and harmonious relationship. This is seen as a way to restore the natural balance between masculine and feminine energy, and to avoid the “wickedness” of western women.”

While this fast-developing concept mostly involves men from the United States, Canada, and the UK on one hand, traveling to start relationships with women from countries like Thailand, the Philippines, Eastern Europe, and South America on the other hand—I believe a lot of men in Africa can also adopt this concept to seek for their “ideal women” across their borders, even if still within Africa.

I’ve heard and seen a lot of Ghanaian and Nigerian (West African) men cry bitterly about the attitudes and the over-westernization of their women (either back home or abroad). And yet, these men do not seem to be doing anything drastic about finding the women they find desirable—including exploring their options in East Africa and even in places like Thailand, the Philippines, Eastern Europe, and South America.

As the name of this concept implies, the “Passport” a person holds to be able to engage ought to permit some level of free movement into these countries or zones to find the women. And a certain level of time flexibility including the ability to work remotely or spend a lot of time outside your home country is required. Perhaps, these are the obstacles our West African brothers face.

You cannot write about “Passport Bros” without mentioning the intense upset this unilateral journey by some men is causing Western women on social media. The attacks on these men who choose to find love or relationships elsewhere (not with aliens but with other women they find agreeable) in countries with cultures that still “respect men” demonstrate why these men are indeed leaving these women attackers behind to find solace somewhere.

The men are criticized for going in for uneducated women they can exploit or control—as if every woman from these countries is uneducated or senseless and would permit exploitation. Then again, what these Western women may see as exploitation or control may not be regarded as such by the so-called victims.

Of course, women cannot compel men to deal with them if these men believe their ideas run parallel to what they want in life and the vice versa is true. But then, why is one set angry about the other exercising his legitimate options to find suitable partners?   

A man must seek peace for himself today and tomorrow and “Passport Bros” are doing exactly that by cutting off this hovering Western toxicity in modern relationships where a man cannot be masculine anymore and women are not expected to be feminine.  

If you want a woman who will wash and clean, adore you, and be agreeable, then you should probably become a “Passport Bro” to explore your options beyond those within your country if the women in your country are not offering these things.

Maybe Westernized women should also become “Passport Sisters” if they believe they can find what they want in other countries or cultures. I sincerely doubt that though.

As someone who is well-traveled, I can boldly tell you that not all women hold the same ideas about men and relationships, and not all of them treat men the same. Some are very appreciative and agreeable and some are combative, rude, and disagreeable. And the culture of a particular place plays a key role in defining the people.

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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Esq
I am a Hedonist, Contrarian, Traveller, Lawyer, Atheist, Thinker, Writer, Minimalist & a Professional Truth Sayer.


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