Your Life Should Be Intentional


Life is exciting when you play to its capriciousness—when you go with the flow. In such a state, life offers added thrill, either bad or good.

Many aspects of my life are unplanned because I find routines mundane. However, the most important aspects that determine my long-term happiness is carefully planned—intentionally crafted.

I meet a lot of people who tell me I have a beautiful life—my job, my travels, my finances, where I reside, my friends, my relationships, and my philosophies or ideas. Some even, absurdly, attribute these things to luck—claiming I was lucky to have found myself with all these things. I must be having an affair with the Goddess of Good Luck.

My Teapot

I didn’t wake up the next day and by luck, I was a lawyer or a writer or with any of the ideas I champion. I intentionally selected this path and worked on it day and night.

I spent about 5 years researching and reading about religion—and then ended up an atheist. I just didn’t choose this or my parents didn’t hand down this to me via indoctrination.

I didn’t wake up one day and magically found myself residing in the U.K., with citizenship, which makes it far easier to travel around the world. No, it was intentional and work or sacrifice went into it.

You cannot ignore the need to be intentional. Even the persons you date or decide to marry or have children with should be intentionally selected. If you care about financial security, great quality of life for you and your children, or any sort of life, you have to intentionally target a man or woman who can offer you this. You cannot go and have children with a loser and expect that suddenly, he will become Captain Planet, saving the planet from destruction.

This week, I made a new friend—smart and open-minded. Guess what. I am intentional about this person. because I function better around such smart people. A lot of people cross my path each day but it’s not all of them that I put effort into keeping them close or ask out for dinner. I have to be intentional about even who is allowed into my space.

When you have been intentional about the most important things in your life to fine-tune your life to what you want or near where you want, you can be careless or perhaps reckless with the other aspects to inject some sort of uncertainty and excitement into your life.

No one became anything major by accident. Even the lotto winner had to intentionally purchase a ticket to be part of the probability.

You have to be intentional about love or whatever new name is given to the collection of those attributes and virtues. Who you love or allow yourself to love should be intentionally selected.

If you want to settle down with a woman with big butts, don’t intentionally be dealing with flat butts women and expect that they will wake up one night with humongous assets behind them.
Similarly, if you want the father of your children to be smart or intelligent—high achieving men—intentionally pursue these men and cloak yourself in pebbles or valuables that would attract these men.

You should understand that your true price is determined by the market and not what you generously splashed on yourself. So even when you are being intentional, external factors would have to come to play. That is why it’s a journey—you have to push for it and work at it.

We are not even intentional about the subjects we study and the career we eventually find ourselves in. If work is going to take the majority of your time on this earth, you have to be intentional about the sort of work you want—one that will offer you the financial cushion you desire and at the same time the lifestyle you seek.

I met a Mathematics teacher who said she has always wanted to work from home. I looked at her and said, why are you a classroom teacher then? How many teachers worked from home, pre-COVID? This person who has been teaching for over 10 years was not intentional about her career selection in regards to working from home.
My friend abandoned her many years of working as a nurse to become a code writer. Today, she is stationed in Argentina working remotely for a Canadian company. Before Argentina, she lived in Spain for 4 months. She wanted a particular life and she has been intentional about it.

Don’t go through life accepting anything that life throws at you. Life is insane and it will therefore throw a lot of rubbish at you. For this reason, you have to be purposeful or intentional about the huge decisions and allow the small ones to be decided by the wind of life.

Even be intentional about the number of children you want to have, where you want them to live and how you want them to be shaped.
Don’t just accept every piece of rubbish.

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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Esq
I am a Hedonist, Contrarian, Traveller, Lawyer, Atheist, Thinker, Writer, Minimalist & a Professional Truth Sayer.


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