Why You Should Be Making Money Online If You Are Online


If you are reading this, then it is likely that you are online and you spend a good proportion of your time online too.

The internet has become ubiquitous and whether we like it or not, its influence will continue to grow—and the amount of time we stay connected will also continue to rise.

The internet offers the biggest marketplace, unrestrained by your location in the real world, and interestingly, with even a smartphone you can reach millions of people circling around this space.

It’s therefore prudent to ensure that the time you spend on the internet leads to some sort of personal growth—with financial growth being essential.

Make Money Online

I have been making money online since 2004. The first few dollars I made were paid to me after I helped a young woman I met in a Chatroom with her school assignment/essay—she then sent me $50 via Western Union for this.

Since then, I have created various mechanisms and platforms via which I continue to make money online—utilising my skills, education, influence and reach. And the most exciting aspect of making money online is the fact that mostly, you can do this from any part of the world.

Even as a lawyer, I get about 90% of my clients from online—via my social media activities, from my various online interactions or articles I have written online.

Over the years, I have streamlined the ways via which I make money online to focus on the businesses/activities that yield the most returns. I believe that time is the most precious asset we all have as it is unregainable. Therefore, time put into a business or activity must be worthy of the outcome or returns.

We are lucky to be alive at this time—with cheaper and faster internet connections—solidly connecting us to people near and far. And with several systems and support in place to ensure that making money from the comfort of your home is achievable.

The way money is made has changed–the 200-year old appalling and stressful way to earn income has become obsolete and stupid.  You must desire to join the new rich or those who employ ‘Smart Living for Smart People’ techniques to make money, and seek to “break free from the economic slavery of today, transposed from the Industrial Revolution era”.

If you are spending a lot of time online, then what stops you from making money with the same time you spend here?

If you are online already, then it is either you are making from your presence or helping others make money from your presence. The former should be desired by every smart person with internet connectivity.

Probably, you have not considered the numerous business/activities you can start online to make you money. If you are interested in making money from your presence online, then read the following:

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Are you making any money from your presence online? If you are, share this with me.

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