Blog Income Report: August 2021—Not A Bad Performance


This post is to demonstrate that you can make a substantial income from blogging if you commit to it and if you have something valuable (content, product, or services) to offer.

I have had this blog, TopVincent.Com for many years. But I have never been consistent with it like I have just done in the month of August 2021. I have never really bothered to regularly promote/share the articles I publish on here until last month.

Income and Performance Report

In fact, for many parts of the years that the blog has existed, the blog has been dormant. I mostly use it as a platform where I “store/keep” my posts on various ideas—that I would occasionally send a link of an article from it to someone if a subject I have written about drops in a conversation. So, it was literally my archive parlor.

What Changed in August 2021 for the Blog?

On the back of Timothy Ferriss’ ‘The 4-Hour Work Week’ book which I am re-reading, I decided to dedicate a maximum of 4-hours each week to TopVincent.Com consistently to see whether I can build a sizable traffic/readership and obtain some revenue from this—to mainly demonstrate that a person with even limited time can still create passive income from blogging. After all, having multiple sources of income should be desired by every smart person. 

Currently, I work as a Human Rights Lawyer (specializing in UK Immigration and Asylum Law) at Adukus Solicitors, a London-based Law Firm. And my legal work takes a chunk of my working time. It’s demanding and hectic.

I also run a Legal blog called LegalJargons.Com where I regularly on issues relating to UK Law.

Beyond Law, I am building a Youtube Podcast channel (which I have to find time to record and edit the episodes) and I am also the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com, a platform I occasionally contribute articles to.

Again, I operate several Facebook platforms such as the ‘African Minimalist’ group, the ‘Wealth Farm’ group, and the ‘UK Visa and Immigration Support’ group. 

With my limited time to share amongst all the above side “jobs”, 4-hours a week on TopVincent.Com seems doable and so I decided to start putting in this time last month and the outcome has been great.

As you can see, I am a busy person but I have found time to do this. Therefore, being busy is not an excuse to consider another stream of income.

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Articles and Traffic 

In the month of August, I published just 3 articles and I used the rest of the hours to share/promote these articles on social media, especially on Facebook.

Since I already have some valuable articles on the website, I also shared these articles on social media to pull in readers and it seems to have worked.

Traffic/Readership for July 2021 on TopVincent.Com

The traffic/readership as you can see from Google Analytica has jumped from 274 unique users (readers) for July 2021 when I was not doing any work on here to about 4,700 unique users (readers) for August 2021—which is an increase of about 1,640%.

Traffic/Readership for August 2021 on TopVincent.Com

This is remarkable considering the sort of niche (Smart Living for Smart People) that this blog targets.

Comparison between July 2021 and August 2021 Traffic/Readership

Income Generated

For the month of August 2021 and after putting in work of a maximum of 4-hours per week, the blog made a total of $1,200 in revenue.

Breakdown of Revenue:

Affiliate Marketing:  $900

Booked Consultation/Private One-to-One Hire: $200


Website Hosting and other costs: $86.

The total profit for August 2021 is, therefore, $1,014. This is not bad at all. It may not be a lot of money to some people but considering the hours that went into making it, it is impressive.

Reflection for Improvement

I believe if I consistently produce valuable articles, especially those that provide resources to readers to be able to create passive incomes or improve their financial standings, the blog’s traffic and revenue will grow steadily.

Also, if I can write at least 4 posts each month (once a week) and use my remaining hours to share the catalog of insightful articles I have on the blog on social media, I believe that can help bring in more readers.

I also must find some time within the 4-hours a week to respond to the avalanche of E-mails I have been receiving from some of the readers of the blog. I will in the next few weeks create a “resource” page to provide answers or support to some of the common questions or insights readers contact me via E-mail about—to help cut down the number of E-mails I am receiving.


Considering the number of hours of work I put into the blog this month, the growth in traffic and the starting revenue/income have been impressive. Let’s see what September 2021 will bring.

If you care to know, I am writing this article on board a British Airways flight—from somewhere in the sky, using their onboard WIFI. Internet access is now ubiquitous so instead of just staying connected, use it to also make some money. You can check out my post on the various ways to make money online.

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri

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