Why Do You Depend On A 200-Year Old Appalling Way of Making Money, Working and Living Instead of Working Smart?


There was a time in history called the Industrial Revolution and this started around 1760 in England. This is over 260 years ago.

The people of that era were economically abused: the working conditions of this era are similar to the individual working conditions or patterns a lot of people living in 2021 find themselves—and unfortunately, they are doing little to nothing to change this.

Work Smart

Consider the following examples of Industrial Revolution Working Conditions

  • Due to a high unemployment rate, workers were very easily replaceable and had no bargaining power with employers.
  • Wages were very low, women and children received less than half the wages of men and had to work the same amount of time.
  • Most people worked between 12 and 16 hours per day, six days a week, without any paid holidays or vacation. (Now you may have paid holidays but only a few days in a year).
  • People did not have many break times, there was usually only one hour-long break per day
  • Should someone get injured on the job and be unable to work, they would be abandoned, wages would be stopped immediately and no medical attendance would be given to them. Injured workers usually lost their jobs and did not get any compensation.
  • Unlike the country life they were used to, work in a factory was fast-paced and focused on production. No chit-chat was allowed and those who still had family in rural areas could not head home to help with the harvest if they wanted to keep their jobs (People had to work all the time, no time for friends, family, or things they were really interested in).
  • People were paid per the hours worked—which meant that they were only paid when they worked.
  • People left for work at dawn and returned at night/evening without seeing Sunlight.

Don’t these sound familiar? In fact, in addition to working 12 hours now, people have to travel for about 4 hours each day to work—making it a total of about 16 hours each day. Many are not paid for their 4 hours of travel time.

Many people have to also wake up now as early as 4 am to prepare or head off to work impacting their health and lifestyle in a way that comes back to eventually bite them.

The question I asked myself many years ago is this: who actually said a person has to work in any particular pattern, break his or her back before that person can be financially stable?

If the working conditions of today compared to that of over 260 years is almost identical for many people despite the advent of technology and ideas, then it means a lot of people are stuck in the absurd economic loop of the 18th century.

If you are working 8 to 12 hours a day, about 260 years later since this started and you don’t find it a problem, then there is something fundamentally wrong with how you are wired or conditioned by the societal setup. Why must you work like a donkey to make just a decent living in the 21st century?

Don’t tell me your profession or job demands that. No, someone actually instituted those working conditions and long hours to benefit their operations and you have just accepted it. You have not explored alternative legitimate ways of making a living or working without following what you came into this world to meet.

Many people are like sheep domesticated in a work culture that is not designed for their sanity, well-being, or economic emancipation.

Therefore, only a few, those I called the new rich or those who employ ‘Smart Living for Smart People’ techniques are able to break free from the economic slavery of today, transposed from the Industrial Revolution era.

There are countless new techniques, methods, or ways of making money without breaking your back as a result of contemporary ideas, mechanisms, knowledge, and technology. In fact, many people make thousands and millions of dollars while they sleep—and yet, a lot of people remain slaves to a poor economic system that demands that they work all their lives, retire at 65 or 67 years when they are fragile and not useful—and then die a few years after that.

If you are reading this, ask yourself this question. Are you making the best use of the era you live in or the available information or technology to make money and have an economically prudent lifestyle?

Money is important but what is more important is how you make this money. If you are making a chuck of your money in the same stressful manner that the people who lived 260 years ago did, then it is time to evaluate your methods and employ new ways of making money that is actually healthy and rewarding but with little effort and time.  

You have to work smart. If you want to consider some of the ways to make money without breaking your neck and back, then click here.

Look around you, are the people making strong economic progress working smart or hard? So why are you doing the opposite?

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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Esq
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