Get Paid Hundreds of Dollars Each Month to Watch Movies and TV Series


I get paid to watch movies—and I know several people whose profession is to watch movies or TV series, write about the movies and TV series, and be paid for it. These people call themselves movie critics, film journalists/writers, or film bloggers.

Watching Movies

You do not really need a degree or any official qualification to become a movie critic/writer. You do not have to be at the level of late Roger Ebert too. You can even learn on the job. The only things you need are passion, the ability to write, analyze films, and the desire to learn about your subject area (here, films and TV series).

At some point in my online business years, I was an accredited critic/film journalist for the annual Cannes Film Festival representing GhanaCelebrities.Com regularly at the festival. I would fly all the way to the South of France to attend the prestigious film festival, party with the stars when I get the opportunity and all I had to do was to attend screenings/premieres of movies—and produce my reviews for publication. The published content is read by readers online from all over the world and money is generated from the visits/reads through both direct and indirect advertisements.

It was both fun and rewarding. I saw George Clooney, Jackie Chan, Kim Kardashian, Chris Tucker, Jason Statham, Kylie Minogue, Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Sylvester Stallone (Rambo), Arnold Schwarzenegger, and many others.

Throughout my years of attending the Cannes Film Festival, I met several filmmakers, made friends with some—and also saw several film journalists/writers from publications like US Today, Mail Online, TMZ, the Guardian, the Telegraph, and other smaller blogs. These people will consume various films and swiftly produce their reviews for publication. They were paid for this. In fact, this is the full-time job of several people in the world.

If you love films or TV series and the truth is many people spend several hours watching these each work—then you can actually earn money from this. It can become an extra income or you can focus to develop it into a full-time income source.

My goal in life is to have multiple sources of income—and therefore, even to date, I still write about films as content to generate income when I have time. My recent publication/review was for GhanaCelebrities.Com’s Film Review Column. The advent of Netflix and several video-on-demand platforms have even made things easy. I do not have to go to cinemas (which I used to go to once a week) to watch new films and write about them. You can watch most of the films and TV series from the comfort of your home the movement they are released.

If you already love watching things. Then the difficult aspect has been achieved. All you have to do is carve this hobby into an income stream—by setting up a blog and constantly providing a review of the things you watch for many others to read. People will read your reviews if the reviews are good and insightful—and more if they provide a guide as to whether they should watch a movie or not waste their time on it.

Sometimes, I would Google “best action movies to watch” when I am looking for a good action-packed movie to watch. And this will lead me to a website or a blog containing such a compilation by a film blogger/critic. There are several film review websites/blogs out there which you can take a cue from to develop your own platform or journey should you be interested in looking into this.

Films and TV series are never going to end. Therefore, you are certain of unending content for your blog or website if you decide to take up this. You can have a blog dedicated to this alone or you can have a blog mix of contents—film reviews and other topics.

If you love films/TV series and you want to take up this journey to earning money from what you already love, I am on standby to freely help you set up your blog to power your journey. To take the opportunity of my FREE BLOG SET UP, CLICK HERE.

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