When you see an exceptionally beautiful house, you are likely to show admiration for the attractiveness without ever considering that underneath the glitter and glamour lies surfaces that were quite repulsive. The casualties and disappointments that occurred in the course of construction are not inscribed on the dazzling decoration of the finished edifice. The years it took for the house to be completed is not disclosed to casual observers. Many onlookers, who were not previewed to the years it may have taken to complete the building may just assume that the owner is filthy rich and built the house without sweat.

The assumption that anybody who is doing better in life just got lucky or had it easy is a subtle way of making excuses to justify lack of achievement. We usually do not get previewed to the struggles of high achievers. Until you read about them or get the privilege of interacting with any high-flyer, you may assume that they have never had challenges in life as you have had to deal with. Sometimes, beneath the flashy stuff which merit our attention are ugly scars and probably wounds which are still being nursed as a result of casualties incurred in the course of their pursuits.

Here is the hard truth: Life can only be made easy upon a very tough foundation. Things become easier when we become tougher. So in reality, the first thing to change in order to transform everything around us is ourselves. Again, things become easier when we become tougher. But an honest look at life shows that initial attempts at any goal are likely to be fraught with challenges that may discourage anyone who is not serious enough.


If you give up too quickly, you are not serious enough about making your life better. Do not blame anybody for the outcome of your life. The serious minded dreamer will brave any storm create the kind of lifestyle they want no matter how hard they have to work and how long it will take.

You are not the only one that life is not fair to. Indeed, some people are more fortunate to have certain opportunities that give them upper hand in life. However, nobody attains success on a silver platter. If you are expecting an easy means to success, you will die as a failure. Excellence has a price tag. It does not come cheap. A sneak peek into the life of great achievers can reset your thinking to align with reality.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow tells us that “The heights by great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight, but they, while their companions slept, were toiling upward in the night.” He also said that, “The great tragedy of the average man is that he goes to his grave with his music still in him.”

Focus on what you can do. Determine to improve your skill to a level that will merit the attention of those with a taste for exceptional expertise. Consistency makes easier that which was difficult at the beginning. Once you take responsibility for the outcome of your life, you will begin to experience possibilities. At all cost, do not die with your music still in you. Do not go and enrich the grave with unused potential. If you start watering your own grass, it will become as green as what you see on the side.

So the tip is this: Usually, things are difficult before they become easier so, if you want to make your life easier, develop a tough skin for challenges – do not run away from them; be determined to be a problem solver.

Take responsibility for your life. Stop thinking that somebody owes you a living. Nobody owes you a living. You owe it to yourself to bring some light into your life. Until you dare to press a reset button through personal responsibility, nothing will change in your life. Overnight success is a myth; do not seek that. The only magic pill there is to take to transform your life is the pill of perseverance through smart working; One step at a time. Get set; go grab a good life for yourself and may the Lord be with you!

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