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Nobody sets out in life to fail. But many people fail to reach the actual heights they aim at. Without a viable plan that is fitting for achieving a particular objective under certain circumstances, no amount of effort will be worthwhile. This explains why so many hardworking people do not have much to show for their great efforts. I have been there! Trust me I know what it means to be doing so much and still remain far behind in life.

Sometimes, it appears that some people just have some special grace to make it big in life. The grass always appears effortlessly green on the other side until you move to that side of life and discover that the grass is always green where people take responsibility to water it, consistently.

She believed she could, so she did it!

Until I received an elevated perspective of life, I concluded that certain levels of success are destined for a select few. I was so wrong and I thank God for discovering this important fact of life. Growing up in a very small town with very limited level of exposure, the meager gains of those who seemed to be doing well, became our yardstick for determining success. Thank God for exposure!

I look back at some of the people I considered rich and by the actual standards of wealth creation, they are not even in the middle class. Certain houses I thought of building when I grow up pale in comparison to what I have actually come to appreciate. The possibility of turning my life around became so tangible when I started focusing on doing the best with what I have instead of worrying about the rich heritage of others in comparison to my poor background.

You can change your story

On 15th June, 2020 the CEO of Sayaveth Interiors, Ehizogie Ogbebor, turned 35 years and she gifted herself a lavished, 7-bedroom palatial home. The extravagant mansion has been ornamented with very expensive wares. I was completely mesmerized by the touch of excellence that was detailed on every aspect of the home. However, I was looking for something beyond the dazzling decor. I wanted to connect with her on the thought realm. I wanted to know what inspired and drove her to that level of achievement.

The video passed swiftly over what I thought communicated the mindset of the young, enterprising CEO. They were two wall hangings with very inspiring quotes, inscribed in gold. The first one said, “She believed she could, so she did it!” The second one revealed more: “Do not give your past the power to define your future.”

A short reading of details about her on the internet revealed that she worked for eight years in the insurance marketing industry and then decided to pursue her passion project of bringing splendour to spaces through decoration. Between 2011 and now, she has managed to secure big contracts to bring her into the millionaire class. What is her secret? She believed she could, so she did it! What was her resolve? She decided not to give her past the power to define her future! This is how to change the current narrative of your life. She has had a lot of challenges but she keeps pressing on and making impact.

Stories like that of Ehizogie can make you start asking questions such as: How did they come by that? What did they do differently? Can I accomplish the same level of success without changing what I believe is my divine purpose and calling? Sometimes, we know what to do, but how to do what we do at a high level is a challenge for so many people.

Be Smart

Being smart – that is understanding the trends of the times and taking advantage of overlooked opportunities could be the difference between success and failure. It takes a certain level of perspective to detect opportunities within our reach which we rather tend to discount. How do you attain this perspective for detecting overlooked opportunities? How can you start working smart, sweat less and yet achieve more?

Your point of view determines your view point. If you want to change your view point, you must change your point of view. You can do this by widening the scope of your mind through consistent reading of books and articles and intentionally searching for video clips that teach real life lessons you are not likely to find in any academic textbook.

The narrative of your life is told by the pen marks of your choices. You may be at a junction of a very important decision at this moment in your life. The choice you make as to where you turn will greatly impact and virtually define the quality of your future. Invest in your personal development and then you can make a harvest of your dreams. That is what smart people do. Stop expecting a magical leap to greatness. The formula for lasting success is one step at a time, always at it!

There were many interior decorators in Nigeria before Ehizogie was born. She just decided that she was going to decorate for the rich class. She was smart! Her first job was a curtain decoration contract she landed in 2011. She gradually linked up with the right people and made it big working in that industry for ten good years. Sometimes, you make good returns from selling cheap goods or services to many people. Other times, you make good returns from selling very expensive goods or services to some rich few. Your goal should determine the class of income earners you want as clients.  


Study The Pattern And Follow It

Patterns are powerful! There is a road that leads to every destination. Once someone has accomplished a feat, their example gives a clear sense of direction for pursuing the same objective successfully. If you want to improve your life and better your standard of living, you must be humble enough to learn from those who have chalked great success at what you want to do. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel when others have done that for you at their expense. Just latch onto their experience and make the necessary sacrifices.

Without a change of mind, there cannot be a change in man. Perspective affects performance that is why it is important to meet the right people, read the right books and listen to right counsel. You cannot turn your life around unless you turn your mind around. The day you stop learning is the day you start preparation for your funeral. The biggest undoing of so many people is the baseless belief they hold that what-will-be-will-be in spite of the choices they make. Believe it or not, the outcome of your life is a consequence of your choices.

If you are truly tired of the current state of your life or something in particular that is not making you live your full life, it is time to intentionally turn the steering wheel to the right lane. The wheel of your life is in your hands; angels are not responsible for where you end up. Your destiny or better still, your destination is in the power of your choice. Turn the wheel towards the right direction. The road may be muddy and rough but you will definitely arrive if you do not give up.  

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  1. A great writer who never cease to inspire us and keep us on our toes. As we have the opportunity now, let make use of it. We shouldn’t just read it as any other piece of writing. God bless you so much