The Luxury of Working for Yourself–What Only the Few Smart Ones Enjoy



About 10 years ago, I was like many of you; I enrolled at the Law School, studying hard and with the sole aim to become a lawyer by working for a law firm–9 to 5 or 9 to 7.

I didn’t see anything wrong with this–in fact my entire education, even at the masters level, seems to help entrench the notion of working for someone.

You are born, you go to school and then after that, you will find a job and work until 65 years or 60. And then go on pension at 65–following which you may die at 70 or if you are not lucky, while even working. So you only live for 5 years without really not working; that’s even when you are old, weak or sick to enjoy this free time.

The above is the norm; what majority do and what I was going to do too.

Then I started reading articles online from some very smart and happy people like Zen Habit, John Chow and the others who challenged the status quo

They said trading your time for money (working for someone) is the dumbest way to make money in life–at first, I didn’t understand it.

And then I realised; the most important luxury to have in life is time–but then time without money is useless. A lot of people have money but do not have time to even enjoy it or spend it with the people that matter.

The balance is; have enough time and enough money which only a few smart people have.

So I decided to join this smart clan, they call themselves the new rich–rich in time and money. And all they did was to work for themselves–by creating systems that will be making them money even when they are sleeping.

I came online at 5am today because I couldn’t really sleep. So I decided to work on my dissertation for my second masters, due for September submission.

So at around 8am, I felt sleepy and I rolled back into bed. I have been in bed with my Mrs by my side sleeping and waking up to watch The BlackList since then.

I am now about to go take a shower and come online to work. This is a luxury only a few people can afford–considering the fact that while even asleep and watching TV, the little blog systems I have online were making me money.

Why anyone would work all their lives: 5 days a week and sometimes even 12 hours a day is something I cannot understand. I know a friend who makes over 200,000 dollars a year and works just 3 hours a week.

He has created systems like blogs which he employs others to work on while mostly spending quality time with friends and family in Barbados.

For example; the owner of GhanaWeb, a white man called Robert Bellaart does not do anything really; he lives in Holland with his Ghanaian wife and his system (the website) making him not less than 40,000 dollars a month. Imagine he even spends 20,000 dollars on the copy and paste writers and servers–that’s a whole 20,000 dollars a month into his pocket without doing anything.

It’s not money that makes someone rich– and money is not a luxury. It’s when you have a lot of free time and a good amount of money that you can actually be said to be rich.

It’s been a long journey but today I can decide to say I am not going to work for the next one month, I will just watch my favourite TV series or travel around and that wouldn’t really affect my income.

How many people can call such shots? It’s your life and yet you don’t even have control over your time.

That actually sucks!

This is why I have for some months now been creating blogs for the few smart people who understand the concept of luxury and richness–helping them create systems that will make money for them even when they sleep.

Even an extra 100 dollars a month from a blog will help ease the work burden and give you some more free time to enjoy life. Eventually, you wouldn’t even have to really work.

Before I jumped into bed at 8am, I check one of my online accounts and it had made about 60 dollars, I just checked now and it has made 240 dollars so I have made 180 dollars while doing nothing in bed.

If you want to join the new rich (and have the luxury of money and time), I am happy to help you by setting up a blog for you for free–join the many who are taking their destinies into their own hands today for the needed liberation tomorrow.

With as little as 15 GHS a month, you can start your own blog, a system that will make you money when you are even sleeping.


And guess what I am writing this piece from? With my phone seated on the toilet–which means you can run your blog from anywhere, with just a smart phone even.

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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Esq
I am a Hedonist, Contrarian, Traveller, Lawyer, Atheist, Thinker, Writer, Minimalist & a Professional Truth Sayer.


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