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Over the years, I’ve helped several people become bloggers. Many of such people are making enough money from this enterprise to the extent that they’ve become full time bloggers.

And in the last few months, I’ve been freely setting up blogs for people who are interested in sharing their opinions online—-so that they can do this easily and also make money while at it.

The truth is; I usually charge 400 dollars to set up a blog for people by getting all the technical bits sorted out for them. I take care of the Server and DNS business—-and erect the blog online after which I furnish the owners with their login details to just start blogging.

What I have been recently doing to help people is to freely set up blogs for them and provide them with some resource on how to run a successful blog as well as how they can monetise their blogs and make money from it.

One of such people who started less than two months ago is proudly making about 300 dollars a month. It doesn’t seem much but that’s 300 dollars a month he did not have a few months ago. And he only writes on his blog 3 times a week.

Today, I’ve decided to extend my HELP further: so apart from setting up free blogs for anyone who would want one in the next 7 days, I will also grant the person 3 days free consultation—-one-to-one support and mentorship. The person can call me and ask whatever or request for whatever class for free.

I am a busy person and that explains why this is a limited offer. It would have been great to do this all the time for people but that’s impossible.

On a normal day, I charge not less than 60 dollars for 1 hour blog consultation and for the next 7 days I’ve waived off my fees for all those who would be lucky to see this—-and provided they purchase their blog hosting from a host I’ve recommended via the LINK BELOW.

If you want me to set up a blog for you free and to also receive the free One-to-One consultation, CLICK HERE

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