Start A Blog for Less than 4 Dollars A Month & Make As Much As Over 1500 Dollars A Month Easily


blog-e1465368313138I have been blogging for over a decade and if you care to know, that’s my full time job—meaning, I make enough to pay for my expensive rent in UK, bills, car insurance and everything.

I even paid for Law School with the revenue from my blogs; this is the reason why I did not take any student loan in the United Kingdom.

And it cost a hell lot of money to go through the Law School—so this should give you an idea as to the limitless revenue potential of any blog.

Today, I am to guide you on how to start your blog for as little as less than 4 Dollars (15 GHS) a month—and then open yourself to the potential of making as much as you can imagine or 1500 dollars (5000GHS) a month easily.

My sister quit her job as a nurse in Ghana late last year to become a blogger and she is making three times the salary she earned as a nurse in just 2 and half months—and she just started so she will soon be racking things up.

Some years ago, I helped a friend-Ameyaw Debrah from Ghana with a blog just as I am about to help you, and today he is making a lot money from it as a full time blogger based in Ghana. I bought his domain name, provided a web space/hosting and designed his blog for him.

It’s not just him, I have helped several people to successfully start different blogs—and they’ve never regretted grabbing the opportunity when I mentioned it to them.

What’s A Blog?

Traditionally, a blog is an online diary where people share their opinions and thoughts on whatever interest them. So it’s some sort of diary which a person writes, and others read—some allow comments from readers and others do not.

Today, we have some blogs which are literally online newspapers, disseminating news and information to their many readers.

 What Do You Need to Start A Blog?

You only need two things to start a blog; a domain name and a web server/hosting.

Domain Name: The domain name is your blog’s name; I mean what people will type or click on to be able to visit your blog. As a human being, you have a unique name which is used to identify you—so your domain is like the unique name of your online business.

Here, I am talking about the www.

Domain names function on the Internet in a way similar to a physical address in the physical world. So if I want to visit your blog, I will do so using your domain name.

Web Server/Hosting: The web server is the space where all your blog files will be kept. So when you write something on your blog, it is kept somewhere securely for you so that others can read it—that’s the web server.

It’s like renting a room where you would keep your diary—so that anytime someone wants to read or see your diary, it will be found in that room.

Where Do You Get Your Domain & Web Server/Hosting From Cheaply & Reliably?

There are several web hosting companies online but I use and would recommend BLUEHOST to you for 7 simple reasons;

1. BlueHost is one of the top shared hosting companies for blogs and websites. BlueHost offers unlimited hosting, bandwidth and several other simple scripts to give excellent online experience to bloggers and webmasters.

2. BLUE Hosting is cheap—with just 3.95 dollars a month (about 15 GHS a month), you can start a blog and join the many folks online making money through blogs, and sharing opinions, thoughts and news.

No where would you find a great web hosting service for less than 100 GHS for the whole year—except with BLUEHOST.

3. BLUEHOST is reliable—-you wouldn’t want your blog to always be off when people try to visit or when you want to publish/post something on there. When it comes to BLUEHOST, they have a high 99% uptime. So you are guaranteed that your blog will always been online, and it will always be fast.

4. BLUEHOST has 24/7 Support—what I love most about BLUEHOST is the fact that they provide 24/7 support to all their customers. So if you have any problem with your blog, they are available every time to help you solve it.

They are quick and the support is FREE.

5. They Accept Ghana Debit Cards—One of the problems of buying anything online from Ghana is payment. Beside paypal and other international payment methods, BLUEHOST easily and securely accepts debit cards from Ghana.

So you can use your normal Ghana debit card to pay for your web hosting and bingo you are good to go.

6. BLUEHOST Offers Free Domain Name—As I mentioned earlier, you need a web sever/hosting and a domain name to start a blog.

When you decide to go with BLUEHOST, you only pay for the web hosting which is less than 4 dollars (about 15 GHS) for a month, and they will give you your chosen domain name for FREE to go with it.

So you don’t have to pay for the domain which you would normally do if you decide to use a different hosting company.

7. BLUEHOST Has 100% 30 Days Money Back Guarantee—When it comes to BLUEHOST, they care about the customer experience so they have 100% anytime money back guarantee for everyone who decides to use them.

This means, if within 30 days you don’t like their service, you can request to cancel your service with them and ask for all your money back. As demanded by law, they will do so and give your money back to you so you lose nothing.

Remember, if you do not want to make money from a blog, you can simply start a blog to share your thoughts, opinions and ideas with the world.

What are you waiting for? CLICK HERE to Head over to BLUEHOST and start your blog now. 

Just as I helped several people to start their blogs, you can email me via [email protected] if you have any difficulty and I will gladly help you.

How to You Make Money Now That You Have Your Blog Set Up & Running ?

Whenever you visit a website or a blog, I am sure you see several adverts on those pages you visit—that’s one of the ways via which the owners get paid. Several advertisement agencies exist and are ready to place advertisements on your blog, paying you anytime someone visits your blog or click on the adverts.

It’s pretty simple; and I have in depth resource materials on this which will help once your blog is up.  


Affiliate Disclosure: I am able to spend my time to set up a blog for anyone who purchases his or her hosting package from BLUEHOST through my affiliate link because I receive compensation from BLUEHOST for my referral—one of the reasons why I do not charge anything for the blog set up, normally, I charge 400 dollars for such a blog set up. 

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