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I have been online since the dot com boom—and the truth is, I never do anything online without thinking about how to make money from it.

I am a game leader; I started a celebrity/entertainment blog about 10 years ago, a time when most of today’s celebrity/entertainment bloggers/journalists did not even know what a blog is—and I can say, it’s good to lead the pack, because the returns never stop coming.

I just got back to UK from Ghana yesterday, and before that, I was in Barcelona.

Next week, I will be heading to Cannes in France for the prestigious annual Cannes Film Festival—where you can easily bump into folks like Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham and Quentin Tarantino ( I did 2 years ago).

Each day is like a fun day in my life; in fact, my life is like an unending holiday—doing the things I love and getting paid for it.

Holy Trinity-Chris
Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri at the Holy Trinity Spa & Health Farm

A few days ago while I was in Ghana, I took a party of about 10 friends and staff writers to the unique Holy Trinity Spa & Health Farm in Sogakope, where we spent 4/5 days relaxing, partying and cruising—this was complimentary. I didn’t have to pay for myself or any of the people I invited, courtesy of my relationship with the good Dr. Anyah, the owner of property.

I got to know Dr. Anyah not long ago through my excellent work—and since then, I have been doing some work for him which he greatly appreciates. So my blogging/journalism work got us a 4/5 days complimentary stay at Holy Trinity Spa, which would reasonably cost not less than 10,000 dollars if I was to be billed.

In about two hours, I will be heading to the Cinema to watch ‘Captain America; Civil War’ which is being released today. I get to watch movies the very day they are released—and guess what, I get paid for watching these movies.

Friends of Chris-Vincent at Holy Trinity Spa & Health Farm
Friends of Chris-Vincent at Holy Trinity Spa & Health Farm

Maybe you are asking the question; how is he getting paid to watch movies?

I love movies and I do watch a lot of movies each week.

Therefore, a few years ago, I decided to share my opinion on any movie I watch—that was the beginning of the making of the film critic that I have become today.

Over the years, I have mastered the act of film reviewing—literally, it’s just my opinion of a film, which primarily serves as a guide to others as to whether to waste their time to watch a movie or not.

And each time I watch a movie and write a review, I get paid for this—-I mean, I publish the review on one or two of my blogs where I place advertisements.

Since my reviews are on time and I am known for this, people mostly land on my reviews and the more people who read it, the more the cash keeps flowing.

It’s that simple—and it’s also fun.

If you are reading this particular article on my blog, then I am getting paid as you read it.

So if you love to watch movies, why don’t start by getting paid for the time you spend watching a movie by starting a blog where you would share your opinions (reviews) about the movies you watch?

You don’t have to make a movie; all you have to do is say what you think about one after watching it—and then get paid for this.

I recently made about 120 dollars for writing about KumKum Bhagya—I mean, I ‘dissed’ the trending soap opera and yet got paid for this because thousands of people read what I wrote.

I received the attached payment of 1,032 dollars yesterday from an advertiser on my movie review pages—-and it’s a one month earning.

UntitledIf I can do this alongside all the many things I do, then surely you can do it too.

It’s time to start making money from the very things you love doing. There’s a lot of money to be made online so tap into it now and explore the limitless income possibilities the internet presents.

There’s no excuse to be BROKE in this era of internet and high connectivity.

It’s just not movies; you can make money from writing about anything you love or love doing.

I write a lot on Law, Politics, Philosophy, Religion and Entertainment and this is not for free, I get paid for any article I write. Remember, I never do anything online for free, including this particular article.

A lot of companies and people pay me to just write or advertise their businesses, their brands or personalities, their music or movies.

If you want to get paid to watch movies, then it’s time to let me help you kick-start the journey by setting up a free BLOG for you, where you can easily publish your opinions on the movies you watch or whatever you love doing, and be paid anytime someone visits to read what you have written.


You can do this alongside whatever you do. Actress Lydia Forson has started a blog where she is sharing her opinions on many things—and she has started making money from it.

Don’t be left out: take charge of your earnings!

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