8 Solid Ways to Get FREE Traffic to Your Blog or Website



Some few years ago, the problem was mainly how to set up a blog or a website—which made several companies and individuals who charged thousands of dollars for website/blog step-ups rich.

Today, it’s easy to set up a blog and I even offer a service where I set up blogs for FREE for whoever wants to be part of the blogging world. (CLICK HERE to take advantage of this if you need a FREE blog set up.)

Now, the most difficult and expensive part of the whole online dominance or presence is driving traffic to your website.

Those with money to spend can hire expert companies to do this for them—and even that, the result is not always great.

Small business and individuals who are on tight budgets and therefore cannot buy traffic struggle to drive visitors to their websites—something I intend to make less of a burden with this post.

It’s true that content is King; but if you have great contents and no one is reading it—it’s pretty useless.

It is fairly the same as setting up a restaurant, employing the best chefs from around the world to cook your delicous food with no one coming in to buy.

You come across several blogs online with great layouts, priceless contents and yet, no traffic—the owners may keep writing without readers. But mostly, the bloggers eventually give up because of the hovering frustration of ‘no traffic’ which would definitely settle.

Therefore, while I maintain that content is KING, I also added that, Traffic is Queen. It’s only when you have the two at your side that you would become a successful blogger or internet marketer.

You can have several great products to sell but if you have no traffic to pitch these products to them or have no visitors to buy, it becomes a worthless effort of products creation.

The importance of traffic in the world of the web cannot be undermined: it is the wheel on which every successful online business runs—therefore we all need it.

For this reason, I have compiled the below list of how you can drive traffic to your blog or content easily and at no or little cost for you.

1. Through Search Engines

When you have great content and a great website/blog layout, the search engines will easily rank your content very well—and this will bring hundreds/thousands of FREE traffic to your blog/website.

About 65% of my blog’s traffic comes from the search engines and this is because, people are daily looking for things and I happen to write on these things.

Though good content will get ranked well in search engines and ultimately bring you some traffic, the amount of traffic depends on what your content is about—that is, are people searching for the things you have written about (Keywords).

It is difficult to generally know what people WILL be searching but quite easy to know what they searched by using tools like Google’s Keyword Tools.

When it comes to what people WILL be searching, depending on your blog or website, you stand a chance of getting huge traffic if you break news or get it right—since people will be searching that news.

I remember when Nelson Mandela died, I was one of the early bloggers to report it and immediately, my blog’s traffic went over the top—to the extent that the traffic that day is my 6th all-time highest.

2. Social Media

Facebook, Twitter and several of the social media platforms are great traffic generating tools—which most people do not know.

With millions of people on these platforms, you can share your content or website/blog links regularly to catch your friends into clicking on them and visit.

Also, instead of doing the sharing yourself, you can have a facebook LIKE button or a TWEET button placed above or below each content so that whoever reads it and loves it, can easily share it with others. That way, your readers will be spreading the content by bringing you more readers—all for FREE.

Have you got a facebook fan page or group page for your blog? Create a social media community around your blog/website and the community members will help promote your blog/website.

3. Give out Freebies

Even though there is always a catch to freebies, people still love freebies—and in fact, I am yet to meet a person who hates FREE things.

Why don’t you spark your website/blog traffic by giving out freebies to visitors? This can be in a form of holding competitions where one of the requirements is for the person entering the competition to share an article, share your website/blog link or invite friends to your blog.

Even without asking for any of the above, the fact that people love freebies mean, news about freebies goes far—especially if the freebies are valuable.

So if you are good at something, hold a seminar to teach that thing for free, give out free CDs or DVDs, free books. Such things can help fetch your blog/website the needed attention…

4. Word of Mouth/Offline Promo

Do you have promo flyers for your website/blog? Why don’t you give some to your friends to distribute at their universities, colleges or place of worship for you? You can also do this and you will be amazed as to the number of people who will follow the flyers/leaflets to your blog/website.

Even if you do not have a promo leaflet or flyer, you can tell people about your blog/website during conversations and if you are able to tell 10 different people each week to visit your blog that will be 40 people in a month…

Anytime you are attending an event, be prepared to promote your blog out there for FREE…

5. Comment on other Blogs/Websites

Instead of just building a relationship with the readers of your blog, you can also do so with readers of other blogs within your niche—and even the owners of these blogs by regularly contributing to their website (valuable comments).

Most blogs and websites will allow you to leave your link within valuable comments, as long as you are not spamming their platform.

If you are a popular commenter, you can easily invite the other commenters to check out your blog or occasionally share some of your great content with them…

6. Guest Posts

Even though commenting on other blogs is a good tool to pick some of the blogs traffic, the best tool is to write an article for the blog and have your link placed below the article—most websites/blogs will gladly do this.

So instead of keeping all your great contents on your blog only to be read by a few, why don’t you give some away to other blogs as a bait?

This works really great!

7. Interviewing the Big Bloggers

Who does not love to be recognized for his/her achievements? You can strike a relationship with some of the big bloggers in your niche and request for an interview which you will publish on your blog…

Here is the catch; after publishing the interview, share the link with this same big blogger and even if he/she does not publish excepts of the interview on his blog with a link back to you, he may tweet or share it on social media for you. This way, his/her readers will see the link and follow it to your blog.

You can easily tweet at the big blogger with the link and kindly request a retweet, which the big blogger will easily do—after all, it is an article about his/her great achievements.

8. Other ways

There are several other ways out there through which you can get FREE traffic to your blog-such as free banners and link exchanges. The above are a few of the good ones…Share with us how you get FREE traffic to your blog/website.

I will follow this post up with another on how to get PAID traffic to your website.

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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Esq
I am a Hedonist, Contrarian, Traveller, Lawyer, Atheist, Thinker, Writer, Minimalist & a Professional Truth Sayer.

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