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I read a lot of interesting messages or mini articles on Facebook from a bunch of friends who do not really know the worth of their thoughts—and who have probably not considered being paid for the value they add to the web.

The web is a big business which flourishes on content: so instead of helping build the web with great contents for free, why don’t you get paid for every contribution you make?

I have countless friends who make over 2,000 dollars each month online—and that’s not their main job, it’s just something they do for fun. Something they would have done regardless of the money.

And the truth is, many of us are spending a lot of time online without considering getting paid for this time.

Let me tell you about how easily one of my many online friends in USA is making enough money to cover her car note and rent each month—by just sharing her thoughts on whatever is of interest to her at any point in time.

Until 6 months ago, this my friend would write long interesting pieces on facebook—sometimes she would give out free relationship advice on her facebook page. And most of her posts on facebook would get over 60 likes. People were reading whatever she wrote and they enjoyed it—some would even comment.

So I told her I will set up a simple blog for her, where she will write whatever she wants to share with the world and then share it on Facebook, Twitter and the various social media platforms with her friends. That way, she could place some few advertisements on this new blog and just keep writing regularly as she does on facebook.

She will get paid any time someone (one of her friends or a total stranger) visits her blog to read her thoughts on issues.

At first, she thought it was going to be a big headache—because setting up a blog can be technical. But I offered to set up the blog for her for FREE, provided she chose a reliable web hosting company I recommended.

She agreed and did it—I got her blog up for her in a matter of a few hours and 6 months down the line, she is earning over 1000 dollars a month, just from publishing her own observations, commentaries and whatever she feels people would want to read. Her readership has increased significantly over the months.

It’s that simple and it feels great to know that I have helped someone increase her revenue by a 1000 dollars each month. She is a single mother of two and this new income goes a long way to help her.

Christmas is around the corner and considering the many readers I have, it is impossible to hand out Christmas gifts to each and everyone—therefore, I am offering all my readers the same priceless opportunity I gave my friends a few months ago.

I want to help set up a free blog for you—and point you in the right direction  so you can make some money from whatever you desire to contribute to the web.

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If my friend who knew nothing about blogs—and until my recommendation had never considered owning a blog is cashing in on this, then you surely can too.

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