You Are A Product of Your Faults | It’s Time to Get ‘You’ Fixed


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The truth is hard to take and one of the most difficult truths out there is to accept that you are a product of your own faults.

Many of us look at ourselves in the mirror with unsatisfactory remarks—we are not where we want to be or we’ve put on a lot of weight. Our financial circumstance has not improved and our spiritual growth has halted; who is the cause of all these or any of the hovering problems?

Instead of us coming to terms with the fact that we are a product of our own faults, we quickly look around us to find where we can comfortably lodge the shame and problem.

A friend of mine blames his weight gain on the fact that there are two Burger King Restaurants near his house—and not that out of his own choice and fault, he walks in there each day to make a purchase.

My cousin thinks she is broke because there are no jobs out there for her—and not that, she has failed to re-train to be able to fit into the available jobs or create her own job…

We want a lot of things in life; ranging from financial breakthrough to beautifully toned bodies but we fail to realize that, we can only achieve these things if we fix the mistakes in our lives which have denied us access…

Whatever we are today is as a result of our previous actions or omissions and the fact that we took responsibility or failed to take a responsibility. Of course there are certain things we cannot control but what about those we can and continue to ignore?

There’s no point in nurturing a headache over the things you cannot control—instead, take charge of those you can, fix the mistakes which have created undesirable mirror image of yourself.quote1

If you do not want to be in debt, then take charge of your spending and borrowing habit—else, you will become a product of this. If you want to make money, work smart and take charge of your financial direction.

The most important thing is to accept that you are a product of your own mistakes and that whatever unfortunate situation you find yourself today, you actually plunged yourself into it or contributed to why you are here today.

Therefore, instead of closing your eyes when you look in the mirror—take up the challenge to fix those faults you can’t bring yourself to look at. Start by doing something about the things you hate about your life….

Push yourself to the next level by working at picking yourself out of the situation—and stop looking over your shoulders to credit your faults to others. They don’t deserve it.

It’s your life so take full charge of it and work towards becoming that better person you so much want. Remember you do not get any of what your wants by doing nothing…

If something is happening in your life, then it’s most likely you are the direct or indirect architect of it. Fix it!

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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Esq
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