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I like to think of myself as loyal but not blind, interesting but not clueless, loving but not witless, persistent but not obtuse.

And even though I am liberal, I’ve never made conservatism a taboo.

Changing has never been my problem, finding a reason to institute a change is mostly the difficult bit. I like to be convinced but a lot of people can’t push for it.

It may take a lot of energy to define a path with me but once on it, nothing can lead me astray. Such is the degree of loyalty which some confuse for rigidness.

I may have spent 4 years in a college studying a subject I later realised had no position in my future interest, but I wouldn’t dare trade my experience for anything else.

I can make good arguments as to why there is the need to love but I have never succeeded in convincing anyone as to why they should not let love go. There has never been a need for it though, because they eventually figure it out—mostly when it’s too late and their faces are full of regrets.

Though I do not consider philosophy as an academic discipline worth spending my time and money on formally, I spend the greatest part of my life studying this. And since money and time cannot be separated, a chunk of my money therefore goes in there too.

My biggest mistake in life is the automatic application of reason to everything—forgetting that, certain structures stay outside the boundaries of reason. I don’t think I need to mention women and love as the common examples.

I have had my fair share of evaluating the importance of the words before or after a person’s name—and have debated for and against the prefix motion. But it took the words of that special person to let me know that, what matters is the impact of those words, not where they fall on the name board.

I have always said no one should give his time to the extent of forgetting the value—but I have recently caught myself doing this so much. Perhaps, for certain people and under certain circumstances, time becomes valueless and no amount would be enough. But there will always be a finish.

I wouldn’t want to name my child Einstein but I surely appreciate how far relativity has brought us. Even if you do not know it, it does not mean it does not exist.

I wish we all had the conscience to realize when the mistake has been corrected to let go, but some people cannot even see when they have won.

Fighting on a battlefield when all the enemies have been killed would eventually lead you to killing yourself—what for? You should have stopped when you won.

My gambler friend once said, we may hate gamblers for what seems like ridiculous amount of risk, but we are no different; we gamble with our hearts throughout life—for others to win and never take care of it.

I wouldn’t say sorry if I did not mean it and I wouldn’t change if I did not believe in it, such is my obstinacy but I can’t compel anyone to understand the truth behind my actions, especially when they are cynical of the approach.

No one leaves the battlefield unhurt, even the eventual winner—and therefore, I wouldn’t ever want to go to war, especially when two hearts are the soldiers.

Until we finally figure out where we go when we sleep, there is no need to dwell on other people’s experiences and mere suspicions to endanger our tomorrow.

Of course we all make mistakes, but we all do not make conscious efforts to make things better. Most people don’t even realise there was a mistake. I just hope you sit on the small counsel.

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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Esq
I am a Hedonist, Contrarian, Traveller, Lawyer, Atheist, Thinker, Writer, Minimalist & a Professional Truth Sayer.


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