Inject More Excitement into Your Life…By Using this Simple, Affordable & Easy Method

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri
Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri

Life is one hell of a tedious adventure—at best; it’s a long boring journey full of worries and uncertainties.

The nature of life is such that, it’s not easy and things come up as though they’ve been calculated to keep messing with your plans and life. Things hardly fall where you want them to be and if you are not careful, this single important life you have will turn into a misery.

Life is no more fun for many people and it’s either they are always working yet always broke or they cannot really locate how to make their boring life interesting.

Each summer, I do simple, affordable and easy things to inject more fun and excitement into my life. It gets tough for all of us and if you do not take steps to create that excitement which takes your mind off the worries—and gives you something to always look forward to, you would end up depressed.

Depression may be a little too far but surely, we need to spice this boring life now and then so that it just doesn’t kill us early with worries and the many disasters we cannot seem to run away from.

So I have decided to talk to you about the little things I do now and then to create the needed excitement in my life. It just doesn’t only make life fun, it also introduces me to new things, new people and sometimes, makes you appreciate life more despite the hovering worries.

Most of us live a routine life and by this I mean, we do almost the same things each day for at least 5 days a week—without new things happening, life becomes boring. Human beings are not robots who can be on repeat for a long time. We get bored easily and next to boredom are stress and the wicked sister-depression.

So what I do to escape from the routine which eventually turn into boredom is that, regularly, I find something interesting to do which brings new joy and experience into my life. This has worked for me and I think you should also consider doing something like that.

My Books from last summer
My Books from last summer

Last summer, I decided to become a reading freak by reading new books that I wouldn’t normally read. I mean, everyone has what they love to read so what I did was, I decided to read things which are totally different to my normal area of interest—and with this, I made a huge jump from my world of Philosophy, Law and Religion to Romance and Crime novels.

It was a new experience, the writing style, presentation, topics and storylines were totally different to what I am used to—and this new strange world of different books brought a lot of excitement. I was doing new things and not repeating the same old.

For this summer, I am looking to loose some weight and instead of joining the usual gym which I have done over and over again (a repeat), I have decided to try my hands on lawn tennis—learning how to play tennis.

So I am not just looking to loose weight but to do this in a way that brings excitement into my life and introduces me to a new experiences. I am pretty good with table tennis but my first trial at what traditionally used to be called lawn tennis has shown me that, the two are totally different.

I went to the court with 6 tennis balls and came home with just 3—the rest may be relaxing in the bushes, all from my wrong hits.

It’s an exciting experience and each day, I wake up looking forward to going to play tennis; a new form of excitement has therefore been created in my life.

Look around you and decide on the things you usually wouldn’t do in life and go for them. New experiences and attempts at strange things bring a lot of excitement—that is an easy, affordable and simple way to spice your life.

Each year, you can decide to try learning new things—which can be languages or how to draw or anything you feel would be interesting. And you would be surprise at the level of excitement this will inject into your life…

It works for me so give it a trial!

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