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Make Money Online
Make Money Online

In real life, no one will take money from his pocket and intentionally throw it into the trash can—and only a few would let a true money making opportunity escape them. But in the virtual world where most of us spend a lot of time these days, we continue to throw away a lot of money—unaware.

I have several Facebook friends who continue to write interesting posts and status updates on Facebook—and these posts generate a lot of responses days on, sometimes into weeks.

Mostly, when I look at how often these friends put out their interesting thoughts on issues and the sort of conversation these thoughts generate, I say to myself; that is a lot of free money going through the air.

It’s fine to be online and be active on social media but it’s certainly not fine to continue making Mark Zuckerberg and his already rich cronies more money—money that should come straight into your pocket.

Believe it or not, anytime you logon Facebook, you make the owners of Facebook some money—and when you post a photo or status update, you make them more money. When your friends comment and spend time flipping through the pages, they also join in to make the owners more and more money .

So instead of making money with your thoughts and conversations, why don’t you set up your own little blog where you can share these thoughts—and earn some money anytime someone reads it or visit the blog to respond to your thoughts?

It’s not difficult and you don’t really have to cut out Facebook. Rather, you can reverse the chain—and instead of making money for Facebook, let Facebook start making you money.

So this is what you have to do, after you have set up your simple blog (CLICK HERE If You Want Me to Set Up A FREE BLOG For You), start posting those images and thoughts you would normally put on Facebook—and then share those posts on Facebook for your friends to still see it. When your friends click on your shared content, they will land on your blog, they would be able to read and comment. But this time, you would make money from their visits instead of Facebook just doing the entire cashing in.

You get to continue to freely express yourself and share photos with the world, while getting paid for it—instead of doing this exclusively on Facebook and letting Facebook cash in on what you do.

If you are wondering how you are going to be paid by just writing on a blog, CLICK HERE for the many ways via which you can make money on your blog.

Turn the time you spend online into making some money for yourself—and stop making Facebook, twitter and other social media owners too rich. They are literally milking all their users. It’s time to start thinking out of the box.

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