The Day I Hired A Translator in Spain to Save My Hungry Butt From Eating Another Tasteless Food

Dinner Last Night

By now you should know I am all over in Spain for a month—on a challenge and adventure.  If you do not know about the challenge I have set myself and the accompanying adventure, Click Here for it

Last night, I visited a Mexican Restaurant—it’s only Chris-Vincent who comes all the way to Spain to be eating at a Mexican restaurant with the entire menu in Spanish.

The waitress could not speak English and I couldn’t speak a word of Spanish so I was left for a few minutes to battle with the menu. Eventually, I made a bold pick and pointed it out the waitress…

When the food came, I nearly cried—it didn’t look anything like the meat I was looking forward to eat but since I am on a challenge, I couldn’t re-order anything; I had to eat it like that.

The Dinner I Hated
The Dinner I Hated

I felt stupid and useless so I decided to eat some fruit for lunch  today and come back here for dinner—this time, to get that barbecue meat I was looking to eat. I was determined to get this right so I hired a free translator—Google Translator and it worked.

I had to look at the menu and type into Google the lines I suspected to meat and bingo; I found what I was looking for. So I placed my order and here it is looking delicious below…

What Google Translator Helped Me to Get

Since I know “Agua pronounced Iwa” means water in Spanish, I went for that too…

At the time of writing this post, I am left with 60 Euros and 12 dollars. I also had paid 78 dollars yesterday for a freelance job I did—which means I take 10% of that amount. In total, I have 60 Euros and about 19 dollars to take me through 27 days in Barcelona.

Over the weekend, I intend to look for a high paying writing job to see if I can make some more money to add to my spending wallet.


Check out the below photos…














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