¿Qué pasa?: PHOTOS + the Adventure of One Small Hand Luggage & Just 100 Euros | Chris-Vincent to Spend A Whole Month in Barcelona With Access to NOTHING…


¿Qué pasa?

It’s the little things that make life one big adventure, so they say—and as such, I am looking forward to an adventurous living in Spain which I invite you to follow via my blog TopVincent.Com.

This is what I am currently up to—and it’s already exciting…

I flew into Barcelona yesterday with just my passport, wallet, my laptop and a small hand luggage—and I am going to spend an adventurous one month out here in Spain.

I have just 100 Euros on me and I am supposed to live on 100 Euros for the whole month. I am allowed 10% bonus of any money I make while out here. This does not mean, I can take 10% of any regular income I already receive.

However, if I get a writing gig, a web development gig or any new advertisement/promo on any of my blogs while out here, I am allowed to take 10% of that revenue and add it to my spending money…

It’s certainly going to be tough but I believe I can do it.

I am not allowed to use any of my credit or debit cards unless there is an emergency and I am only allowed to wear the 5-6 t-shirts I brought in my little hand luggage (photo below). I am permitted to buy anything I need but the money must come from the 100 Euros I came here with or the 10% bonus gained from freelance work done while out here.

I am excited about this adventure and challenge and even before my plan landed in Barcelona, I made 120 dollars from a freelance job I accepted while at the airport. This means, I will add 12 dollars from this job to my 100 Euros allowance.

Payment received


Even though I have been to Malaga and Marbella in the past, this is my first time in Barcelona and apart from the adventurous living I am looking forward to—the weather is exceptionally beautiful.

I will regularly write on my experiences and what is happening to me out here on TopVincent.Com so don’t forget to check it out.

I decided to eat ‘large’ on my first day at a small town near Barcelona pronounced BIC but spelt VIC, spending 18 Euros out of my available 100 Euros & 12 dollars on food and a slippers I need. I am left with 72 Euros and 12 dollars—and I have 29 days ahead of me.

If you’ve not already spotted the purpose of this; it’s fun, adventurous and more importantly, I want to learn the hard way how to live on little—and push myself to make new money when away without touching my monthly revenue sources.

It’s all part of the dot com lifestyle—and the need to create life adventures worth telling.

***My dot com friend has a beautiful holiday apartment here, so I have a FREE accommodation for the month. Sometimes, it’s good to have rich friends***

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Check below for some photos so far…


image3 (2)



image5 (2)





image8 (2)









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