Being Comfortable with the Uncomfortable…


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Being comfortable is the ideal position and every person strives to make a home on this land, except those who are eager to keep moving—and achieve more in life.

Achievers break the chain and to do this, they must leave their comfort zone to uncomfortably crack their knuckles.

If you are comfortable in life, then it’s a sign that you’ve settled for less or you are just not looking to keeping moving forward.

An athlete may be comfortably running for 1 hour without a sweat but if the same athlete decides to run for 3 hours, the race would become uncomfortable for him—meaning, the more you desire to achieve, the more uncomfortable things would be for you.

For many great achievers, the true indicators of either they are moving forward or stagnating in life is how comfortable or uncomfortable they find their position at any point in time.

If you are comfortably making 1000 bucks a month then it means you can make 2000 bucks if you put in extra work—however, that also means, you would be uncomfortable doing the extra work.

After being uncomfortable for a while—you would begin to feel comfortable in the same situation you felt uncomfortable about earlier on, a clear indication that it’s time to move to the next stage.

Few months ago when I went back to the gym, I could barely run for 30 minutes without feeling I am about to be thrown off the treadmill. After two weeks of repeating this exercise, I became comfortable with the 30 minutes run—and that was when I pushed to 1 hour. Again, it felt really uncomfortable running for an hour but soon, I became comfortable—a sign that, I needed to move on to the next if I desire to keep going.

When it comes to real life, we can use the various educational stages as our example. First day in class one may seem difficult because you would be introduced to new things which would make you uncomfortable. After some months in class one, you master all the difficult or complex questions and you become comfortable—that is when you are moved to class two; slowly you climb the ladder…

Are you comfortable with your work, your situation or your life? If you are, then it simply means it’s that time to take on the next challenge and become uncomfortable—because that is the only way you can move forward in life.

Success is a journey of stairs; you would definitely feel comfortable if you decide to settle on the staircase instead of moving up against the slope.

The difference between great achievers and those who just can’t be bothered is this; the achievers are comfortable being uncomfortable while those who can’t be bothered are just comfortable being comfortable…

Squeeze yourself, sweat it out—and make sure you are living a life of discomfort clothed in comfort because that is the only way you will keep growing, improving and achieving.

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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Esq
I am a Hedonist, Contrarian, Traveller, Lawyer, Atheist, Thinker, Writer, Minimalist & a Professional Truth Sayer.


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