Empty Prosperous New Year Messages | New Year Will Bring You Something GREAT Only If You Change Your Mindset


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Out of self pity and the desire to achieve a lot without cultivating the needed conditions have given birth to this conception of ‘new year and prosperity’—I think.

The fact that each new year, people wish a lot of positive things into their lives and send out messages (mostly copied and pasted) to others prophesying greatness into their lives have not really yielded the needed greatness cannot stop this culture. And this is because, most human beings want things without working for them—or do not want to change anything but they expect different results with the same input.

It is quite a joke to think that, the mere fact that we have restarted the counting of the months means you are going to become a millionaire without changing anything about yourself or your mind.

Perhaps, it’s time someone is able to look into our faces and tell us the truth; nothing will change in your life in 2015 if you do not make a conscious effort to change your mindset and attitude. The only guaranteed change a New Year brings is; you become a year older per our way of measurement.

Unless you have some pending inheritance which you can get access to only by virtue of turning a certain age (time measurement), there is no point in being excited about some dreams you are not ready to work hard for.

If you were 25 years old last year and there is a million dollar sitting in a bank account for your to access when you turn 26, then you have every right to be joyful—but to simply shout and jump because a lot of greatness is coming your way in the new year is pretty absurd.

Of course, a New Year means we have another opportunity to work towards the needed greatness we want in our lives—similarly, a new day stands for this same. It’s not whether the year is old or new, it’s what you are ready to alter in your life to be able to get to that dream…

Interestingly, as New Years keep coming, life becomes more complicated and we easily buy into the new things that come with these years even if we do not really need them—entangling ourselves with things which further complicate our already complicated existence.

Today marks 30 years of the first mobile phone call  in the UK but mobile phones have become something of a necessity—to the extent that those who cannot even afford have 4 of them. But 30 years ago, people lived happily and meaningfully without this same mobile phone.

We feel we wouldn’t be able to live without mobile phones today because our mindsets and way of doing things dictate so. People lived without them so it is possible for anyone to live without them.

If we will have a good year, it very much depends on our mindsets; and the sort of changes we are ready to undergo. If you do not need certain things in life that bring you compounding bills or headache, get ride of them—especially if they are unnecessary mobile phone bills.

There is nothing new about a new year—and a new year does not come with an inbuilt greatness except that it offers you another opportunity to change your ways to be able to achieve the greatness you so much desire.

So until we change our mindsets and attitudes, another new year will come to meet us here—and we will be sending the same prosperous empty messages. The resolutions are pretty useless too, unless you are ready to change your mindset.

See the New Year as the perfect opportunity to change your mindset—and go ahead to do so. That is the only way the year will be positively different from the others…

Happy New Year!

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