Content Is KING But Promotion is the KEY | There Are Over 152 Million Blogs On the Internet So Why Should People Automatically Visit Yours?



In 2013, it was estimated that there were about 152 million blogs on the internet—and the number keeps increasing as many people get connected to the internet. And as many more join the blogging world, mainly to be heard and also to make an income from this new online money making scheme.

For the many years that blogging has been popular, the slogan has been and remains; content is KING—meaning, just produce quality content and somehow, you will get the traffic or readership which will bring you the needed income.

No one would dispute the fact that content is KING but there is something about the above statement or mind-set which makes it flawed.

Even if the fact that there are over 152 million blogs online does not tell you that producing just content alone, no matter how good your content is, it is highly unlikely to bring you any high traffic—you should know that nothing sells without effective promotion, especially when the competition is huge.

So content is KING—that is true but to take your blog to a successful level where you will begin to see some great readership and traffic coming to your blog, you must look for the KEY, which is promotion.

Frankly, there is no point in producing great content only to be read by you and your mother—and have crawlers just walk over it without any other person knowing about the great work you’ve done.

Therefore, as a blogger looking to tap into the over 2 billion people online and make them your readers or make some money out of their presence, you will need to go beyond just the writing of great content into employing effective ways to promote your content.

When we talk about content promotion, many seem to think we are talking about paid advertisements, the old way of promoting things online. Paying to have your content reach people through advertisements is great but the question is, can you afford it?

It would be too much expensive for any blogger, especially new ones to spend huge sums of money anytime they write a great content to pay and advertise this content. And if you are looking to run your blog as a business, this does not even make any business sense.

In fact, I called paid advertisement the old way of promoting content on the web because there are new, improved and free (or less expensive) ways to have your content reach several people day in and day out.

The new era of social media has made it cheap and possible for everyone to tap into the billions of people online and as a blogger, it is this key that you have to use to get your KING contents to people. This is the only way you can effectively build readership—that is, promoting the great content you write.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest and the many other platforms out there have billions of people hanging around there—and the smart bloggers consistently pull some of these people on these platforms onto their blogs by promoting their content on there.

According to statistics, about 1.35 billion people logon Facebook each month, more than the entire population of China and 9 percent larger than that of India —and you can freely promote your content to these people on facebook by just having an account or fanpage to syndicate your content.

For me, anytime I hear people say content is KING, I quickly add; and promotion is KEY.

Many people are struggling to make few cents online as bloggers looking to make money from this business because they solely dwell on the first part of the maxim which is to produce great content. Forgetting that, the maxim has a second part if you indeed want to be successful online or make some huge or cool money from your blog.

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