The Dot Com Lifestyle: Working From Anywhere You Want for FREE


Anytime someone asks me about the new rich lifestyle-the dot com lifestyle, I quickly displace the misconception which suggests the lifestyle is about being stinking rich in cash—letting the person understand that, it is about being stinking rich in TIME.

Look, there are a lot of people out there who work 15 hours a day and as such, are paid really good while doing these long hours and jobs they really hate.

Unfortunately, they do not even have any TIME to enjoy the reward of their hard work—or spend quality time with their friends and family, let alone find time to do the things they really enjoy doing in life.

Sadly, many of us will live our lives being suckers, trading our time for money (only getting paid when we are working) and never getting time to do some of the things which are important to us. Many of us are slaves—just that we have invisible shackles. We have no control over our time and what we want to do with our own lives.

You have to beg and fill long forms to just get a day off and even when you are sick, you have to explain to your employer why you cannot make it work. This is definitely not the definition of life—working hard to be paid peanuts while those you work for do little and enjoy the big cash.

The truth is, a few of the people living the dot com lifestyle are really stinking rich in cash and in time—and others like me are not stinking rich in cash, but we have the freedom to enjoy TIME and obviously being in charge of our time, we can make more money to become stinking rich if that is what we really want out of this world.

Don’t forget, the dot com lifestyle is not about how much cash you have sitting in your bank, but how much time you control to be able to do what you so much want to do on this earth with the limited time you have to live.

What the dot com lifestyle offers you is more valuable than anything money can buy you. Without being glued to a particular location, you can work from anywhere you want and be equally productive when you live the dot com lifestyle.

I am not sure how many people sleep without the need to set an alarm to wake them up when they are having their best of dreams. I have been there and it is really annoying. The alarm seems to only set off when you are really enjoying your sleep. The accompanying panic alone can cause you a heart disease. I didn’t want to live my life panicking each morning, thinking the alarm has set off and I did not hear. That is the meaning of being miserable—and that is why I decided to charge of my own life by joining the new rich, to live the dot com lifestyle.

Dot Com Lifestyle

The dot com lifestyle makes alarms unnecessary. It offers you the opportunity to sleep whenever you want to, wake up whenever you feel like and work when you are fully awake from anywhere you want including the nearest coffee shop.

As a blogger living the dot com lifestyle, I mostly work from home but twice each week, I make it to the nearest coffee shop and run my online businesses from there. And with internet being free everywhere nowadays in Europe, I do not have to pay for the unlimited coffee shop internet I use.

I can even hold my meetings out there in the coffee shop—and nothing stops me from packing into the nearby library to work from there too, surrounded by books and strangers just because I can.

It’s beautiful and until you experience it, no amount of words can make you understand the beauty of having freedom over you life. Working for yourself is obviously not for everyone but it is certainly for the smart people. No one became a millionaire working for someone else. It sucks to have multiple bosses telling you what to do—and sending down their frustrations to you all the time.

If you want to gradually start taking control of your life, so you can leave that job you so much hate—and escape the sight of that annoying boss, check the article below which will introduce you to how you can join the new rich; and start living the dot com lifestyle.

Getting Paid to Watch Kung-Fu Movies Online? 7 Realistic Ways to Make Money on the Internet/ Online

Life is shorter than you think so don’t be a slave to someone—even if the person offers to pay you millions. Your freedom is worth more than any amount of money.

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