Google SHUTS Down Nigerian Blogger Linda Ikeji’s Blog Over Copyright Violations | The Law is the Law & It Must Be Respect


For many Nigerian online readers, this is the first time they’ve seen Google taking down a blog hosted by them for copyright violations or for breaching their terms—but it happens all the time. And several big blogs have been shut down in the past by Google for a vast number of violations.

For the many African bloggers and online journalists who have no respect for the various copyright laws, this is the time to sit back and acknowledge that, the law is the law—and you are not above the law.

Yesterday, I wrote an article on how to stay within the copyright laws as a blogger and if you’ve not read it yet, CLICK HERE to read it…

It is sad for Linda Ikeji’s blog to be shut down and it will be equally sad for any other person’s blog to be shut down but the law is the law. Treating people’s intellectual property rights with contempt should not be entertained.

You may say your blog is not being hosted by Google so you don’t really care. Google owns the biggest search engine in the world and they can block your blog or website from their search engine for copyright violations (which means you will have no traffic from them). They’ve done this to big bloggers like John Chow in the past, but for other reasons…

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