End the Blame Game and Take Charge of Your Life


It is easier not to do something in life than to do it—and I could have found a lot of things to blame (and not write this article) yet I choose to get it done.

My back hurts and that is a good reason not to have written this. I could have just watched the movie being shown on TV now and not be bothered about writing this.

In life, there are countless things which can be blamed for our omissions or actions—and you do not have to look afar just to find that perfect excuse or person to throw the blame on.

Instead of blaming your situation and the many things you do not have control over, why don’t you just accept it and deal with it—and then work on making something positive out of whatever situation you find yourself?

When something bad happens—everyone expects to hear the blame games and this is when you can shock people by looking beyond the blame game and creating something positive out of the situation.

You can find someone or something to blame for your poor performance at work or in school and also for the fact that your dreams are not coming true. You can blame even the spirits or God for not being helpful. You can spend time looking back and blaming everyone else including yourself for what has fallen apart.

Or you can decide to embrace what went wrong and look forward to making things better. Learn from the mistakes and move beyond what everyone seems to know how to do best; apportioning blames.

Why spend time blaming others or situations when you can use the time and energy to move forward—and move beyond whatever went wrong?

Anytime something falls apart or goes wrong, consider the way forward and ignore the human tendency to apportion blames. Things wouldn’t get done or be changed by simply finding the right bearer of the blame.

Things will only get done if you pick up the broken pieces and take a bold forward step.

Consider every moment in life as an opportunity to create something positive even if that moment falls at a bad time. Every moment must be grabbed and not be wasted on blaming others, yourself or situations.

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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Esq
I am a Hedonist, Contrarian, Traveller, Lawyer, Atheist, Thinker, Writer, Minimalist & a Professional Truth Sayer.


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