Another Reason Why Living in the UK SUCKS!

BMW Smashed (1)
Car smashed into today

For a fact, living in the UK has several great benefits but there are those days when you wake up to certain incidents and you say to yourself; it sucks living here.

When I see people drive Ferrari and those expensive cars in UK, especially London, I mostly wonder where they park them. I guess most of these people may have private garages since the usual and what most people do—parking by the roadside is a nightmare.

Owning a very expensive car may be great but I don’t think even if I am given one for free in the UK, I will be excited about it. From my experience, this will be more of a liability and headache, solely because of the parking situation and what mostly happens to the many who leave their cars by the roadside.

When I used to work at the Luton Law Centre, one of the lawyers told me about how he just buys only very old cars (old bangers)—and 6 to 8 months down the line, he throws them away and buys the next. Explaining his position which I now think makes sense, he said; you park your car by the road side and some punk of a driver always hits you, and then runs off.

In the last two years, I’ve had all the two cars I’ve owned smashed into—by some run away drivers and it really sucks.

I just got up in North London this morning to go to IKEA, only to find that while I was snoring and dreaming about winning the Euro millions, some punk smashed my car.

It was in Luton that my previous car was crashed into while parked by the roadside—and this just happened in London. I have several friends who have suffered this annoying occurrence more than 3 times in different parts of the United Kingdom, as far as Yorkshire.

Previous Car-smashed
BMW Smashed (1)
Car smashed into today

And to be frank, it sucks….This is why I wonder why anyone would want to be driving around with a car worth high thousands if the person has to park by the roadside like most of us do.

I will not bother myself fixing the dent and marks the run-away driver left, because another may just do it again when I spend money to fix it. This is why I say no one should own anything extremely expensive that he/she cannot afford to lose. It sucks but I am not much bothered—imagine if it was some damn Ferrari?

Maybe one day I will find one of these hit and run drivers and I will be able to punch him or her in the face—that is, if the police will grant me immunity from prosecution.

Perhaps, it is owning a car that sucks—and soon, I will just get a bicycle to escape from this nightmare…

BMW Smashed (3)

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