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Some of us have always said that, the Dot Com Lifestyle is not about the fast cars, the expensive designer wears or having limitless cash in your bank account (as if that is even ever possible), it is about having the freedom and time to do what matters—and giving your life that deserving wonder and experience.

For those of you who may not have come across the phrase “the Dot Com Lifestyle” or may not have heard of the concept of the “New Rich”, let me introduce you to this amazing lifestyle where having enough time on your hands mean more than anything else—including money.

For the better part of our adult lives, many of us will work till we are 65 and some will even die working, with the intention to retire at 65 but may not make it. The painful truth is that, we continue to trade our time for money and mostly, for peanuts.

Instead of living to work, a lot of us work to live—by giving all our time to work and not even having a minute to realize that we are human beings and we ought to treat ourselves as such.

Of course no one can survive without working, except if you won the lottery in millions and even that, you will work to keep the money away from scroungers. But work must not define your whole existence, it must not take you away from the very important things that matter so much to you.

Spending time with family, friends and loved ones or travelling to see some of the distant places and being able to do what you want when you have the full strength is what the Dot Com Lifestyle or the ‘New Rich’ concept is all about. And you do all these while still getting paid.

So instead of trading your hours for direct pay cheque, you create systems that makes you money while you are on the plane travelling to your favourite destination, why you are having a good chatting experience with the family, while you are spending quality time with your friends and loved ones.

What happens with this Lifestyle is that, you even earn money while sleeping—and I am yet to meet anyone who does not want to have that long sleep to wake up to some money having been made by the system he/she created or owned.

The Dot Com Lifestyle or the ‘New Rich’ concept therefore offers you a lot of time to do whatever matters to you while your pocket stays in good shape. If you have to wait for 40 more years to be able to go and see those important places you so much dream of, then you may never be able to see it. And what will be the point to visit an important sightseeing place when you are old and struggling with your own sight?

Creating systems or owning systems to make you money while you do the things that others can’t afford to do because of the time factor may seem a little complex but to be frank, it is easy. There are so many systems out there that offers the Dot Com Lifestyle or makes you tap into the ‘New Rich’ concept.

The simplest of the systems which can make you money wherever you are and even in your sleep is the Blog system. I own several blogs and apart from the fact that I am able to bring my thoughts and opinions to millions of the people, the Blog system has accorded me the Dot Com Lifestyle. Meaning, I can wake up on top of mountain Everest tomorrow and still be able to work from there (provided there is internet connection) or make some money while out there.

Basically, I can decide to relocate to Taiwan next week and live there for as much as I want, and while out there, my Blog system will be earning me money to keep me through whatever might have sent me there.

The above may be too far from your dreams so let’s talk about what I did over the weekend and it was only possible to have done so without any headache because I have tapped into the ‘New Rich’ concept, which gives me the opportunity to do what I want with my own time while thinking less of incoming money.

One of my cousins I love so much was admitted to the hospital and no close family relative could get time off from work to be around her, and you won’t believe the smile on her face and the relief on her mother’s face when I offered to be her hospital bed sit person—this is because, I knew I could still make money while helping my cousin return to fitness.

It is such moments that I cherish most about the Dot Com Lifestyle, though I love being able to go out there and do the things that most people only dream of and are unable to do because of time and money constraints.

Do you know when I do my food shopping? I do it on Mondays around 10am when most people are heading to work and the supermarkets are free. Try shopping on weekends and you will be lucky if you are not walked over by several legs pushing you around. I am able to do this because, I control what I do with my own time—this is the essence of the ‘New Rich’, being rich in time.

Apart from the Blog systems, I have two friends who are Youtubers and they are living a beautiful Dot Com Lifestyle. One of them-Cassandra makes and uploads two videos a week to Youtube and her large following means she gets around 3500 dollars each month from her videos on the video sharing website.

And as I write this, she is currently in Tokyo, Japan visiting a friend she met online. I wouldn’t be shocked if she ends up staying for a year because she can afford to do so and her system will make her the above money or even more while out there…

I was really tired yesterday and I went to sleep a little early. But before going to sleep, a quick check on my mobile phone showed that one of my systems had made me 152 dollars—and as I got up to write this, I checked again and I had made 308 dollars. So I made an extra 156 dollars while sleeping. This is like being paid to sleep—and you can calculate for yourself how much this particular system will make me the whole month, while I sleep…

If you are looking to take control of your time, have more flexibility and be able to give your life that deserving wonderful treat by joining the ‘New Rich’ or by living the Dot Com Lifestyle, you can start with the simplest tool—the Blog system.

I am ready to help you take off by setting up a blog for you for free—and offer 2 hours of free blog consultation for you after I’ve set up your blog. CLICK HERE for further instructions.

Don’t just be a person of many dreams, live your dreams by taking charge of your time and life—and confidently go after that stream of income which does not tie your neck to a tree. After all, you are a human being, not some goat…

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