Take Time to Enjoy Being Alive | Start with Long Walks through the Meadow

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri

Each summer, I try to do something new, refreshing and off my long to-do list—just to add up to my living experiences, no matter how small these things are.

My last summer was full of Europe travels, an adventure which took me once again as far as Sweden, via Denmark and other countries. I enjoyed the Scandinavia lifestyle and met several interesting people, tried different dishes and saw some beautiful ancient buildings.

Late last year, I started reading about disconnecting from the world of technology more often to enjoy being alive—by taking long walks surrounded by plant life. And after buying into the numerous benefits such walks bring to the mind and the body, I decided to make it my regular summer activity.

I’ve already started my long walks with my recent being today and I cannot express in words the natural beauty in switching off your phone and taking that long walk through a meadow.

As a writer, the mind is my greatest tool and for that matter, it is on a constant workout. Taking such long walks while disconnected does not only make me feel alive, I learn to relax the mind and I also learn a lot about patience.

Adding to the beauty of the long stroll is the beautiful plants that walk alongside you, as you relax the mind, enjoy the green and reflect on some of the deepest questions of life.

Interestingly, I do not pick any question to go through my walk with, but each week, I end my almost 2 hours long walk with at least one philosophical question which comes up as I enjoy my natural environment.

For today, my relaxed mind considered “whether we come into this world with a defined purpose, or we ought to find such a purpose while here”.

The summer has only just started out here and so far, the walks have been great. It is really amazing to break off for some few hours to enjoy being alive.

I am not sure how you plan your year but if possible, try to do something new each year—and stick to those activities you will enjoy most.

Again, for this summer, I am taking a risk by growing an Afro hair-scheduled to be cut off on 18 September, 2014—-all things being equal. LOL!

Think about it, you are never alive when plugged in, busy and stressed. So take some time each week to enjoying the fact that you are alive by doing something relaxing and natural.

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