Don’t Let Anyone Hold You Back…DITCH Them and Walk into Your GLORY!


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Despite the fact we all came into this world unaccompanied, we form bonds, interesting relationships and complex associations with others. Even twins came into this world at separate times, indicating that we came alone and will surely go back alone.

I cannot imagine life without some of the interesting relationships we have with our families, friends and even our enemies. The complexities of these relationships shape our existences, determine our next move and bring to bear on us the zeal or pressure needed to go through the journey of life.

I admire and love every relationship I have with others—including those who scream at me when they bump into me. They put me on my toes and give me a reason to watch my back, making me extra vigilant as I make the moves that count. Such people give me another reason why I should not fail; else they will go a whole year celebrating my failure with expensive bottles of fine win—that is if they can even afford that…

Nevertheless, admiring the relationships you have with people should not stop you from walking into your GLORY; these relationships should not become obstacles and prevent you from doing the things that matter most to your life.

Coming into this world alone translates into being unique with distinctive dreams and aspirations—and until you work towards achieving them, you will always feel empty. When making a journey towards your set goals and dreams, you may come across people who have closely related goals and you can form great relationships with them to make the journey together. Remember, their destinations are not exactly where you are going; it just happens that you are all going to the same street or you will pass through the town where they want to settle.

There is nothing wrong in having a travelling companion, someone to share the burden with, someone to talk to, someone to check the compass with when you feel lost and more importantly, someone to walk in the dark with, when the sun disappears. But do not forget your destination, do not shift gears and make these relationships you build in life become the ultimate, forgetting the reasons why they were formed in the first place.

A lover may let go his dreams to follow that of his partner. This sounds perfect and seems to give essence to love—but eventually, one will always feel empty, with unwanted consequences which can even break the relationship.

So far in life, I’ve formed some great bonds in the past, I’ve been part of some amazing partnerships and I’ve enjoyed some good comrade-ships but the fact remains, all the people who were part of the tangle had different destinations. Some of these destinations were closer to my arrival point and some were just on the way to my dreams.

Eventually, there came the time I had to let go these relationships, ditch them and move on to walk into my GLORY. It was painful, it was tempting to stay with these people as I enjoyed the bond but that would have cut short my journey to my dreamland. I left them and become a lone ranger but I kept in touch, kept them updated about my progress and they told me stories about theirs.

And then, along the journey I formed new bonds, met new people and we walked together until I had to stop for them to continue or they had to stop as I kept moving.

Many of us have found ourselves in exciting relationships and bonds. The joy has shaded off our dreams and perseverance to be something, smiling and dancing in the pool of others. It may seem great today but eventually and probably when it is too late, we will realize we couldn’t get to our courtyard because we stopped at someone’s backyard.

Over the years, I’ve come to realize that it is not easy to ditch relationships and bonds to continue a journey alone—even if it is for some few weeks. As such, I’ve learnt to reshape the sort of bonds and relationships I form on my journey through life, so to ease or end the pain of letting go. By this, I form strong bonds and relationships with those I have a common interest with, those who are going to the same dreamland, few yards away from me. I mean those who share close to the same vision, principles and goals…

When it comes to picking a life partner (lover), it is always great to make sure that your dreamland is not far apart from hers or his—or else, one will have to cut short the journey to make the relationship work. And eventually, this will trigger a lot of problems out of confusion, dissatisfaction, unhappiness and deceit.

The truth is, if you want to walk into your GLORY, you will have to ditch relationships and bonds that are holding you back—and there is no way around this. Therefore, you have to be smart when forming bonds and relationships, so you do not have to get rid of your dreams or ditch these relationships in anguish.

Achievers are those who are not scared to be lone rangers—and accept companionship as an auxiliary tool and not the main wheels of their movements….

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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Esq
I am a Hedonist, Contrarian, Traveller, Lawyer, Atheist, Thinker, Writer, Minimalist & a Professional Truth Sayer.


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  1. This is spot on. Where are those who want to awaken?they should come and read enlightenment stuff.