12 High Paying Advertising Networks to Increase your Blog/Website Revenue


Having or starting a blog has become pretty easy with everyone jumping into the game. The most difficult aspect is to get huge traffic to your blog and even if the traffic comes, how to make money from these visits can be a headache…

I recently wrote an article on How to Get Free Traffic to Your Blog, if you’ve not read it yet, I recommend you do so by CLICKING HERE.

If you are looking for some good advertising networks which will operate automatically and bring you enough cash while you concentrate on producing quality content, I’ve put together some of the industry great ones for you…

I’ve tried most of these advertisers so I am making the recommendation based on experience and the few that I’ve not used them personally, I’ve used them on some clients’ blogs or I have friends using them and the results have been great.

Let me warn that, do not plaster your blog with many ads since that is not the way to make money. In fact, it will not only make your blog look tacky, it will annoy readers and they will stop visiting eventually.

Find out two or three that work great with your blog and stick to those…

1. Google Adsense

Adsense run mainly as pay per click (PPC advertising), meaning, you are paid according to the number of people who click on the ads and importantly the location of those clicking…

The fact that you are paid based on clicks does not mean, you should wake up, jump into your pyjamas and start clicking on your ads.

In fact, let me add that you are paid per valid click and the above will not be considered valid. All what you will get from Google for being such a dumb robot is a big BAN and if you are not lucky, they will even curse you and your family…


2. Advertising.Com

This is an AOL advertising company established in 1998 with high ad fill rate and high CPM rates. However, you will make good revenue from this network if you have a lot of traffic coming from the United States. This is simply because their CPM rates for US traffic are really high.

One good thing about them is, they pay on time and all the time I used them, there was no delay payments—sometimes they even pay early.

They boast of over 140 billion impression each month so they are big…


3. BurtsMedia.Com

Burtsmedia runs both CPM and PPC ads with different formats and reasonable rates, depending on the type of ad you are running with them. When it comes to their CPM, you should expect from $0.30 for banners and from $2.50 for popups.

Personally I find popups annoying but some folks do not mind—and mostly if you run a news website, readers may not be match bothered with such ads.

Just like Advertising.Com, Burstmedia only accepts high quality sites so before you make an application to join, make sure your site is great when it comes to content and design.


4. TribalFusion.Com

TribalFusion operates only CPM ads which means you will get paid per 1000 impressions and for this, you can get as much as $10 or as less as $0.5, depending on the quality of your traffic…

TribalFusion has been in the game since 1998 and serves over 25 billion monthly ad impressions and gives it publishers 55% of ad revenue…

Getting into TribalFusion is as tough as finding your way to heaven but with a great site, they will gladly welcome you.


5. CPX Interactive

CPX Interactive is based in the United States and it is one of the biggest CPM networks out there on the web.  With a very high CPM rate, they are very particular with the publishers they accept.

Per their requirement, a publisher must have 30,000 and over unique visitors each month to be accepted. And even that, they take into account where your traffic is coming from and the general performance of your website.

CPX Interactive advertising rates can start from $0.20 eCPM. Though CPX Interactive is mainly CPM based, they also run CPC (Cost Per Click), PPC (Pay Per Click) and CPA (Cost Per Action or Cost Per Acquisition) advertisements.

One great thing about CPX Interactive is that, when you are accepted into their big boys and girls club, you can choose alternative third-party advertising networks such as Casale Media, Tribal Fusion, Advertising.com and several others to work with.


6. Media.Net

Media.Net is Yahoo and Bing’s version of Adsense with high paying rates for both big and small blogs. It started as invite only system but the door has been opened for anyone interested in working with them to apply.

Applications take a little longer for some reason but they are worth the wait…To many, it is a very strong Google Adsense competitor.

I got an email from them about two weeks ago inviting me to try them. The account manager who contacted me said about a week ago that he is working on my account and I am still waiting for the necessary login credentials to give them a try.

Meanwhile, I know several people using Media.Net who are making decent cash each month from them…


7. ClickBooth.Com

8. VibrantMedia.Com

9. MediaWhite.Com

10. Chitika.Com


12. Creafi-Online-Media.Com

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