Getting Paid to Watch Kung-Fu Movies Online? 7 Realistic Ways to Make Money on the Internet/ Online


I am sure you’ve heard or read about people making a lot of money online—and you occasionally come across those who make as much as 6 figure income on the internet.

The truth is, it is pretty easy to make money online and the amount you can make is limitless. However, some work must be done even though it may not be that tedious. If you are looking to make money online without having to do anything at all, then just close this page and go out there to stake the lottery.  While doing so, do me a favour and throw your computer into the sea.

When I talk about realistic ways to make money online, I am not referring to any scamming adventure which will land your butt in jail for the next ten years. I am talking about legitimate means of racking in the cash with ease from any part of the world—as long as you have a computer and an internet connection.

I like to call it, living the Dot Com lifestyle…

1. Affiliate Marketing (Selling Products & Services Online)

The name may sound confusing but it is straight forward and one of the simplest ways to make huge cash online. The workload is pretty less compared to the amount you can make from affiliate marketing.

By affiliate marketing, I mean you will be paid a commission of as much as 99% or less as 5% (depending on the product or service) when you refer an item to someone who goes ahead to purchase that item. Is that not cool?

You do not have to create an item and you do not have to own your own website/blog, all you have to do is to have an audience/followers and this can be your twitter followers, facebook followers or instagram followers. And if you have a blog or a website, then you are blessed, you can make a lot of cash through affiliate marketing.

All what you have to do is sign up to the many affiliate websites like LinkShare.Com, Amazon.Com and ClickBank.Com and start promoting or referring products that you think your followers/friends will be interested in.

When someone buys any of the products which you have promoted (through your affiliate link), you get a commission.

You can find affiliate programs for almost everything online to promote or refer to people.  If you are into dresses, books, electronics, services, cars, shoes or whatever, you can promote these things to your friends or readers/followers.

All that has to happen is, someone buys through your affiliate link and you earn the required commission.

2. Sell Your Own Skills Online

What are you good at? You can sell literally everything online, except your soul. Even that, I know of a black market site where you can sell that but I will not recommend you to go into that…

I spend a lot of my time online and over the years I have thought myself web development/design. Therefore, I sell this service online, charging being $1000 and over to design websites and blogs for them.

I have a friend who gets paid to go about commenting on other people’s website, which I find lame but he is paid to do it.

If you have a degree that has equipped you with knowledge or an ability to provide a service such as counselling, article writing, editing, proof reading and others, you can sell your service online and you will be amazed as to the amount you can make

There are countless companies and individuals who will pay for your services.

3. Become a Youtuber

There are millions of people making a lot of cash from Youtube by creating great videos/content and uploading them on the video sharing website. Do you see the ads that pop up when you watch a video on Youtube? By watching such videos, you are making the owners of the videos rich.

Someone creates a video and uploads it online and goes to sleep to wake up with a lot of cash, simply because while he/she was sleeping, people like you and I were watching it. And anytime some watches the video, the owner gets some cash—and this will continue forever. Of course, until the person dies and his people do not want the money anymore. Then Youtube may steal the rest of the money.

At this stage, you may be asking yourself what sort of videos you can make…Look, the good thing is, a lot of people are bored and therefore they live on Youtube. So you can even make a video of yourself saying nothing or just record your cat jumping around—and as long as people watch it, you will make the cash.

There are several people making videos in relation to fashion, make up, movie reviews, pranks, travel and cooking. You can join these Youtubers or come up with something interesting which will bring in the views. And you will be making the cash.

Life can’t be any better than this…Thanks Youtube!

4. Start a Blog

The platform you are reading this article form is my blog. Of course, unless someone has re-published it somewhere and if that has been done, thanks to the person for bring my content to you.

Having a blog with readers/followers means you can be paid to place advertisements on your blog or even run affiliate programs on your blog.  If anyone buys a product through your blog, you get a commission for that.  And this can be happening while you are even in the shower or sleeping. So the time you will be making money will not be only limited to when you are working/blogging.

Apart from being able to sell advertisements and affiliate products on your blog, you can also sell your services and products on your blog.

If you will want me to set up a blog for you for FREE, Just CLICK HERE…

5. Create a Product and Sell Online

You can sell other people’s products and services online and be paid a commission. But you can also create your own product and sell online or get others to help you sell (and you will pay them a commission).

I love the idea of product creating and selling. It may take you some time to create the product and may even cost you money. But once it is done, you can sell it online forever and generate income from it forever.

If you are a good writer, you can write an eBook and sell. I wrote my first eBook ‘Success is A Right and Not a Privilege’ and sold it online for over a year before deciding to uncopyright it.  Even if you cannot write, you can hire someone to write a book for you and begin to sell it or get others to help you sell it.

Creating products online for sale is not just limited to books. I have a beautiful model friend who takes photos of herself and sell it out online to magazines, websites and companies who mostly use these photos for advertisements.

So think about what products you can create and begin to work on creating them for sale online.  If you need help in creating a product, hire something to help you do it.

6. Get Paid to take Part in Surveys

If you have a lot of time on your hands or friends who are always online, you can ‘gang up’ and be paid to take part in surveys. All you have to do is answer some survey questions and you will be paid per survey completed.

Payments for such surveys may not be much but if you are able to take part in several of them, then you can make some good cash from your bedroom by just clicking on surveys.

7. Selling Stuff on eBay

My cousin spends her weekend in the shops, looking for good dresses and shoes that are on sale to buy and then she comes back to sell them on eBay at prices higher than she bought them.

She has been doing this for over 3 years and in fact, considering how much she likes money, if she was not making enough profit, I know she would have called it a quit long time ago.

There was a time she mentioned she sold a boot for its original shop price of 120 pounds when in fact she bought it on sale for 24 pounds.

If you have some spare money, get out there and look for bargains and come back home to sell them online to those far and those who are lazy enough to go out into the shops for bargains.  And those who do not even know such bargain exist—and I can tell you there are plenty of people like that.


And if you think you cannot do any of these to make money on the internet, I know what else you can do. Just go and watch some kung-fu movies on Youtube and laugh your butt off. After all, when you can’t pay your rent and you are being kicked out, I will not be there to see your face—I will probably be on a vacation in Africa paid by one of the above.

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  1. Can u recommend any legitimate online survey jobs? Apparently the one i have come accross all seems 2 be fake.