The 2 Main Benefits of Selling & Buying Online In Nigeria…


Since the near shutdown of Google Trader, most Nigerians are finding it difficult to buy products or services online. Similarly, those looking to sell all kinds of items and services cannot find a simple but well put together online platform where they can freely post classified ads here in Nigeria.

In fact, several classified sites have popped up in the past and continue to emerge online but can you really trust all of these sites? One reason why most people used and trusted Google Trader was because of its anti-fraud mechanisms and user friendliness.

Considering the below benefits of selling and buying online together with the increasing internet usage in Nigeria, classified sites have become indispensable.

Easy to compare prices

To the person looking to buy anything online, finding a good deal is always the key and to achieve this, the person must browse around and consider how much others are selling his/her product of interest for.  The fact that several of the same item may be selling online or on a classified site gives the buyer the opportunity to make inform decision about price so to grab the best deal.

Just like the buyer, the seller can also find out how much others are selling the item he/she is about to sell online to make sure he/she stays on top of competition by adjusting the price—in order to fetch a quick sale.


One of the benefits of doing anything online is the convenience the internet offers. Instead of walking miles to the market or mall to search for an item to purchase, you can conveniently to do this from your living room through the internet.

And online shopping offers that extensive unbeatable convenience you cannot find anywhere.

If you are the seller, apart from the convenience of being able to list your item or service from wherever you are (provided you have access to the internet), selling online is less costly compared to having to hire a shop or an outlet offline to do so here in Nigeria.


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