Is Life Worth All The Struggles & Exponential Greed? Think Komla Dumor!



Yesterday a fast rising Ghanaian broadcast journalist and one of the few contemporary shining stars of Africa-Komla Dumor died at the age of 41—shocking almost everyone who knew of his name, works and passion.

As many of us continue to muddle in sadness and confusion as to what must have really ended the life of such a good man on the road to greatness, extensive prosperity and success, one question we ought to keep close is;  is life worth all the struggles and exponential greed?

Over the last 20 hours, I’ve come in contact with several people who have seen the need to re-evaluate their lives, following Komla Dumor’s death.

When I heard of the death, the first thing I said to myself was; I hope he was a happy man who had inner peace and joy, who did not postpone a lot of the things he wanted to do in life.

Many of us are currently living as if we control tomorrow, pushing all the good things we want to experience to the future, while embracing ourselves for today’s struggle.  It may sound wise to say, I will work all I can and when I am old, I will do the things I so much want to do—like travel around the world, spend more time with friends and family.

But the biggest pot hole in the above is the fact that, you are not guaranteed tomorrow, all you are certain of is today. Therefore, why must we endure just hardship, struggles and pain today with the hope that we will be sitting in the world of happiness in the future, when we do not really know if the future will meet us?

Undoubtedly, Komla Dumor loved his work and had great passion for journalism. For that, we know he did the things he was passionate about in life. What are you passionate about? Are you chasing that now?

It is unfortunate that we think life is longer than it really is for us—pushing many of the great and wonderful experiences we can have to the future.  I do not know the number of cars or bank accounts Komla Dumor had, but certainly he did not take any of them with him.

The only things he took with him are the great memories of experiences and joy, nothing more.  Probably, his best suit will even be left behind just like he has left behind all the people/connections he had.

I am not saying these things are not important since they may inspire others to achieve greatness. What I am saying is; it is time to re-evaluate your life so that you can engage in the things you can take with you when you are finally gone—-experiences, not physical things.

Out of exponential greed and unnecessary competitions, many of us do not stop to think about how our actions and omissions affect the people around us. If it is just good for us, then we do not care about the others.

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Out of the same exponential greed, we do not even know when to say it is enough, it is time to rest or time to take a break and seek for the little things that bring inner peace, the experiences that cannot be taken away from us even when we die.

We are certain life is one dicey journey but what we will never be sure about is when our individual journeys will end. It is there not just wise but also necessary to treat each day as your last by doing the things that really matter to your heart.

Any person who pushes the most important things of his life to the future has no clear understanding of life.


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