Enough of Being In The Crowd, It Is Time To BE ALONE!


Being alone seems like a bad thing and many of us are afraid to find ourselves in that situation. Therefore, we always surround ourselves with people who act as shields to our insecurity, problems and the many hidden discomforts.

Surely, no man is an island and no one should strive to be lonely—for an unreasonable amount of time. We need companions, we need friends, we need the family and even we need the enemies. Without any of these, we would miss the special ingredients they bring into our lives.

Similarly, we need an ALONE TIME—so that we can sit quietly and get lost in our own thoughts.

Hiding being the walls of your many friends or in the midst of the family makes you feel stronger, powerful, intelligent and sometimes even untouchable. But are really any of these things by yourself? What is the level of your independence and were lies your own aspirations?

As human beings, we cannot neglect the real benefits of being left alone, being allowed to sit and think through our past actions and omissions, and then form a framework for the future.

Having an ALONE TIME grants you the needed space to recharge in thoughts and spirit.

Each day, I make good use of my 15 minutes ALONE TIME in the shower. I stop communicating with the outside world and form an inseparable bond with the water. And you won’t believe the powerful messages I come out with—as well as the deeper level of thinking I am able to put myself through.

I hope you’ve heard the many great achievers and writers who run away to quiet locations for months, so to have some ALONE TIME. And mostly, they come back with something magnificent.

Having the daily 10-15 minutes ALONE TIME in the bath/shower is like taking a power nap, but that cannot fully serve as a substitute for the much needed sleep.

Occasionally, you must disconnect from the various gadgets surrounding you, the people and the familiar things around you to put yourself through hours or days of ALONE TIME—so you can recharge your mind, your ideas and re-evaluate your sense of direction in life.

It may start with your mind wandering about, but the more you dig deep into your thoughts, the mind will begin to settle and slowly, you will begin to control it—thinking about those things that matter.

Self-evaluation and reflection go beyond being what the mirror does; which is, to give you a picture of what is going on. Rather, they give you what is actually going on with an option to adjust. And you can have such moments by embracing ALONE TIME.

Don’t be scared to be left alone and don’t be scared to seek being alone occasionally. No matter how much you use your phone, you always give it that ALONE TIME to recharge, so it can function fully the next time you need it. You need time to recharge, evaluate and refocus—the only time this can be perfectly done is when you’ve disconnected from any other thing and person around you.

Recently, I was forced by flu to have an ALONE TIME. Though unwell, I found myself occasionally make good use of my being alone in bed by thinking about some of the things I have done and the many I intend to do.  Clearly, it was not difficult for me to see where I made the mistakes and where I need to make the necessary adjustments.

You do not have to be in bed or a chair to enjoy an ALONE TIME. It can be perfectly enjoyed by having a long walk on a country path, starring at various landscapes and water bodies—for as long as you can. But it can never be enjoyed by watching your favourite TV shows for hours or being on the phone to a friend while you are home alone.

We must strive to have occasional ALONE TIME in life, because the benefits are immense. However, we must understand the difference between this ALONE TIME and the other which we do not need—-permanent segregation from all things human.

When was the last time you had an ALONE TIME? Some call it me and myself time!

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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Esq
I am a Hedonist, Contrarian, Traveller, Lawyer, Atheist, Thinker, Writer, Minimalist & a Professional Truth Sayer.

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