For A Better Life, You Must Widen Your View


We are all in search for something valuable in life and as some people continue to find what they look for, most of us keep missing the answers to our puzzles.

What is it that you are searching for that you cannot find?

If you got up today feeling like yesterday, seeing the same opportunities and unable to find answers to your questions, you are surely looking at the same spot you looked yesterday… It is time to widen your view!

Life is very complicated and things change faster than we think. In spite of these changes, many of us continue to narrowly tackle our problems, forgetting that how things worked yesterday may not work today.

The opportunities embedded in life are countless and as such, if you are finding it difficult to find a suitable one—-then it is time to check how you are viewing things.

The answers and the opportunities you seek are certainly out there. In order to discover them you must let go of some assumptions and open yourself to new possibilities by widening your view.

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If it is a good man or woman you so much need in your life, there are plenty out there. All you have to do is consider how narrowly you have been conducting your search. You must let go your assumptions, daily routine and take up new routes. Open your mind up and widen your notion of what it ought to be like…

We love our comfort zones and without making that uncomfortable step-out, we will see what we saw yesterday—-no matter how hard we look. If you intend to find the answers, solutions, opportunities and greatness you seek in life, you must look far and beyond.

Nothing good is hidden at easy to find places. You will not place your most precious diamond on your table and leave your doors opened to millions of people. If you will not do so, why do you think life will do this? For the best things in life, you must look deep and beyond—-to be able to do this, you must widen your view.

Surely, it is essential to have those long-held values and principles which govern your life. But it is equally important that you widen your view and express those held values in new, unimaginable, creative and updated ways. Life as it was a minute ago, is not what it is now—it is fast changing and you must ride with it.

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We look around us when we look for things, when we seek for the best and when we want answers. But who said what we seek for will be hidden near us? Nothing should stop you from looking far if you are looking for real solutions and opportunities to make your life better.

You can widen your view without necessary losing focus. You can accept new ideas and find new opportunities without letting go the old ones. But to dwell in your old ways and do things as you did yesterday mean you will find exactly what you found yesterday.

Let go off the routine and take up some amazing journeys to finding a better life.  Don’t be held back, don’t allow your assumptions and the fear of the unknown to have the best part of your in this world.

Look beyond what you certainly know and assume—and you will find a better life out there.

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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Esq
I am a Hedonist, Contrarian, Traveller, Lawyer, Atheist, Thinker, Writer, Minimalist & a Professional Truth Sayer.

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