Life Is A Big Adventure Made From All The Little Things


My Wall

I purchased the above wall canvas few weeks ago and each day I wake up, I read it before walking into the bathroom. I have placed it on the living room wall, next to door that leads to the corridor.

Everyone who has visited since I bought this has something great to say about it. Interestingly, everyone who sees it for the first time stares at it for a moment before saying; this is so true—where did you get it from?

In less than 15 words, the wall canvas has been able to summarize life and give an over-reaching meaning to it.

Like most people, I’ve always known life to be a BIG Adventure and in everything I did, I expected that epic feeling of adventure.

All along, I’ve been wrong about the second part—-wanting to experience an epic feeling in all my endeavours. I used to look for that epic feeling or achievement in things I do.

Whenever I couldn’t find the adventure or that feeling of WOW, I conclude and judge that activity as pretty waste of time/life…

I was always on the look out for the adventures of life, yearning to experience them so that I can be able to share them or take them to my grave.

My search for the BIG life adventures meant that the every day and little moments such as walking to the shop, meeting a friend for coffee, chatting at the barbershop and others were considered too ordinary to be calculated as part of any adventure.

But the above wall canvas has thought me something significant about life and the BIG adventure I seek.

There isn’t any standing alone big adventure there for most of us—it is the little moments we go through each day that makes life a VERY BIG adventure….

One day, we may have the opportunity to lie down and have a flashback of our lives before leaving this world. And it will be the little moments we shared with friends and family, the everyday things we did that will come together to make our life—the VERY BIG adventurous life we lived…

This is why we have to enjoy each little moment in our lives—-together, these little moments make the VERY BIG adventure we want to experience.

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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Esq
I am a Hedonist, Contrarian, Traveller, Lawyer, Atheist, Thinker, Writer, Minimalist & a Professional Truth Sayer.


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