Dealing With Difficulties In Life


There is a common and easy route which is mostly taken when we are faced with difficult situations in life.

A difficult situation demands a difficult approach and difficult decision must be made to calm it. Taking the easiest route which is AVOIDING the difficulty has never worked. It may work in the short run, but eventually, you get pulled into the situation again.

Avoiding a situation simply because it is difficult may sound perfect and a clever way to get the burden off your shoulders. But what will it benefit you when the situation will return again—-and this time, it will be even more difficult.

Just because something is difficult in life, doesn’t mean you should avoid it. Just because a situation makes you uncomfortable does not mean you should shy away from it. And just because it is challenging and complicated doesn’t mean you should not face it.

Many of us spend a great deal of time and energy trying to avoid difficult situations and problems, when we could have properly channelled the energy and time toward solving these difficult problems. Avoidance does not work when it comes to difficulties.

Life is a long journey full of difficulties. Our ability to survive through the thorny journey depends on the armour and strength we build as we go along. You can only build such armour by facing the difficulties and getting them fixed.

Even if you fail in solving a difficult situation, you have all the time to attempt it again and get it off the way. You do not only clear your path by doing this, you also acquire the strength and capability needed to forge forward—and tackle those difficulties ahead of you.

Jumping or seeking to dodge difficulties drains your energy. It burdens your mind as you have to always think about the situation reappearing. You do not learn anything new from jumping difficulties. If anything at all, you weaken yourself and expose your life to unresolved problems.

Most times, difficult situations just demand a little more attention and strength to get them fixed. The fact is; we do not actually know how difficult anything will be until we’ve engaged it. It may not be that much of a hustle as you think or have been told. But if you manage to get it solved, you are guaranteed the peace of mind you want and you will derive a lot more benefits from your actions—-compared to if you simply avoid it.

Difficult problems have magnetic power. If left unsolved, they will continue to attract more problems to themselves—thereby overwhelming your entire existence.

Life is difficult and we all know that—no one promised it was going to be easy. But why make it more difficult for yourself by resisting the difficulties as they come? Why avoid a car that will turn back to hit you when you can stop it now?

Build your strength by working through the difficulties of life. Remember, avoidance is not an option—-unless you want to be swept on your feet when you are not looking.

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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Esq
I am a Hedonist, Contrarian, Traveller, Lawyer, Atheist, Thinker, Writer, Minimalist & a Professional Truth Sayer.

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