Why Living In Luton SUCKS- Sometimes!


Smashed Car

I have been living in Luton for the past 6 years and have not strongly considered moving out but this time, I am have no choice than to mull over a quick move out.

Over the years, I have heard people say a lot of terrible things about Luton, mostly when I tell them I live here.

Majority of these people have not lived in Luton before but have obtained certain impression about the town, courtesy of the various Crime TV programmes.

Occasionally, I have come across people on websites like Yahoo and Daily Mail, dishing out their bad experiences in Luton and the sort of ill atmosphere the town has…

Luton is currently not UK’s largest crime hub but it is certainly not ranked anywhere close to the safest places to live within Britain.

In 2004, Luton was voted the “crappiest” town in the country to live in. The Telegraphy then described Luton as ugly, grey and depressing.

Despite all the above, I have not been a victim of any sort of crime in Luton in the last 6 years that I have been a resident until last week.

Last week, my car was smashed just at the back of my flat and the person who did that could not stop to leave a note. I came out of my flat to drive my car off to town when I saw that, the passenger side had been extensively damaged.

The passenger side was facing the road so I am certain that, a driving-pass car smashed it and ran off, without bothering to let anyone know.

I have heard of incidents like this but I did not envisage I was going to be a victim, even if I was, not when I have parked at the back of where I live among several other cars…

Anyway, I called the Bedfordshire Police and they pretty much told me to get lost. They told me since there was no CCTV on that road where the hit and ran happened, they could do NOTHING about it. They gave me some lousy crime report number over the phone…

What was I thinking? This is Luton right?

I have gotten used to Luton to the extent that, even though I attended university in London-driving 120 miles each day to go and come back, I never considered relocating.

However, I do not feel the same about Luton and will never support Luton United either…

Since my car was damaged without a trace of the perpetrator, I have been looking at possible towns or even countries I can relocate to-where I believe my car (that is if I ever buy one again) will stay parked without anyone driving into it and running away.

Living in Luton for me now SUCKS! I better get a bicycle or continue walking…

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