‘Staying Focus’ Does The Magic And Not ‘Being Focus’


I do not like to use the phrase ‘be focus’ as that is pretty much what most of us do in life.  Instead of ‘being focus’, I prefer to ‘stay focus’.

You may be wondering what I mean by ‘being focus’ and ‘staying focus’.

The two phrases are more or less the same—that is English for you but to achieve success and get to your target goal, ‘staying focus’ does the magic.

Anytime I hear ‘be focus’, it comes up as being in line with an objective for a short period of time. It is easy to ‘be focus’ in life since this is mostly for a short period of time.

Many of us begin every important journey in life by ‘being focus’ but the moment things get hard or the moment we come across a seemingly more profitable path, we re-position our focus. We then begin to focus on the new path. At this stage, we are still ‘being focus’ but have not ‘stayed focus’.

I remember how much I used to play the ‘be focus’ card in my life.

I am one of the few students who entered college without a clear definition as to what subjects I was going to study. I hated the idea that I had to stick to a maximum of two subjects—probably because I found more than two subjects interesting.

In college, I signed up for ‘I.T and Mathematics’ and told myself ‘ better be focus’. After few weeks of studies and ‘being focused’, I came across Psychology and dropped Mathematics for it.

Soon, I was studying ‘I.T and Psychology’. Though I was still ‘being focus’, by the end of the first semester, I was studying ‘Sociology and Law’.

It was at this stage in my life that I realized the tiny but crucial difference between ‘being focus’ and ‘staying focus’.

The moment I switched my mind from ‘being focus’ to ‘staying focus’, I was able to stick to Sociology and Law for the rest of my college studies.

Apart from the fact that I came to know that, ‘staying focus’ is stronger than ‘being focus’—as the former will keep you on strict track and take you to the final destination. I also came to realize that, in order to overcome all deflections, ‘being focus’ must give way to ‘staying focus’.

When you ‘stay focus’, you stick to a routine, a plan and a direction. Your vision and purpose cannot be easily changed by shinning road side opportunities.

For you to be able to fully and successfully embark on any life journey, you must ‘stay focus’ throughout the journey…

Being focus is opened to deviations but ‘staying focus’ obeys one simple rule—stick to the plan.

Whenever you set out for a journey or plan to accomplish something in life, prepare your mind to ‘stay focus’ instead of merely ‘being focus’…

If you are saving for your college education, ‘stay focus’ and do so.  The moment any roadside opportunity pops up and you decide to invest some of your college education fund in it, you’ve shifted from ‘staying focus’ to merely ‘being focus’.

I love to stick to plans and that is why ‘staying focus’ is so important to me and works magic for me…

The longer you ‘stay focus’ on a journey, the closer you get to your destination.

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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Esq
I am a Hedonist, Contrarian, Traveller, Lawyer, Atheist, Thinker, Writer, Minimalist & a Professional Truth Sayer.


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