Are You Striving For Perfection?


‘Nobody is perfect’, people always say, but do you know some people don’t believe in that? If you’re someone who strives to be perfect in every area of your life; work, relationships – to the extent of ‘hoping’ to live in a perfect world? You’re on your way to failure that is if you’ve already not failed in many of the areas you seek to be perfect within.

Striving for flawlessness and setting excessively high performance standards seem to be a one-way ticket to failure.  A person who is a perfectionist is a proud person and pride and success does not go hand in hand.

Perfect is the enemy of good. If your desire is to be perfect at everything you do….especially for the first time, how do you learn to better yourself in things you’ll do in the future?

If you want to be an achiever, cross out perfectionism in your list, because it is an obstacle.

If you have a friend- who loves everything to be in a certain way or is ‘addicted’ to keep his/her house to perfection, do you ever feel comfortable visiting that friend? I won’t! Because I won’t like to offend the person, it’s not even comfortable to be around people like that.

You may or may not know that perfectionism is intimately tied to fear. Fear of failure makes people strive to be perfect and which is not a good recipe for success. Failure comes with success. It is good to aim for the best and achieve excellence, but don’t begin with perfection in mind.

The most successful people fail much more than people who set out to hit perfect at the very first attempt. Failure is an incredible boost towards the future; it is during failed times that you learn the most.

There is also no perfect time as well; the end-result for a perfect time is procrastination and piles of work which will never get done.

If people around you such as friends and family expect you to be a perfect person, you’ll be frustrated because even in the cleanest cities in the world, take a closer look and you’ll find several particles of dirt.

A perfectionist expects more from people, and with great expectancy comes great disappointment!

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