Yesterday’s Decisions Are What And Where We Are Today!


We are what we eat, say, think, decide and act. When you decide to eat non-stop, you’ll be obese, what you repeatedly say, becomes your actions and when you decide to be truant in school, you sometimes end up with an imbalanced life.

In life YOU are the who you are or have become because of the decision YOU took or still taking. Each and every one of us is responsible for what we are and what we have become. Where and what we are today is the result of decisions we took yesterday. Decisions we act on is already programmed in our minds and heart.

Some of us have taken some crazy, silly and outrageous decisions in life which has in turn transformed or turned our lives positively and negatively. Those decisions we took yesterday is with us today even though the act performed through the decision-making period is in the past (I hope it makes sense).

As humans, we make/take certain decisions in life and when the result of that decision yields satisfactory results, we smile and call ourselves genius; but when the decision backfires, we look for someone to blame.

From that stage in our growing lives when we reason for ourselves or differentiate between right and wrong, we become responsible for how we turn out in life. When you allow other people to take decisions on your behalf and you act on that, you’re still responsible for your situation and position in life because first and foremost, it is your sole responsibility to make choices and decisions in life.

When you’re too lazy to think or decide for yourself, just take the chaff out of the wheat from what your decision makers tell you and act on the ‘reasonable’ ones.

The best decisions people have made through their wealth of knowledge and understanding are:

–          Identify people’s need and make provision for that need – entrepreneurs

–          Be a problem solver – professionals

The worse decision you can ever make in life is to allow another person to be in the driver’s seat and drive your life for you.

It’s about time to review and evaluate some decisions you’ve made, amend some if need be or do away with such decisions if it has landed you in a position you’re not very proud of. For those of you who allow other people to decide for you and on your behalf; it’s either you fire them or accept the outcome of that decision without apportioning blame.

Do the equations of all the decisions making you’ve made in life and you’ll notice that all the plus and minus all equates to YOU! Don’t you think it’s about time to acquit and discharge the devil?

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