You Are Broke Because You Are Making MONEY For Others…And It Is A FACT


How To Be Rich In Life

Have you ever considered how the few rich people you know became what they are today? What you have to know is this; they did not make all the money themselves. In fact, they did not even make the great proportion of the money themselves, people like you and I made the money for them.

We live in a money driven world and as such, every activity under the sun carried by another human being generates income for someone.

This sounds great if you are at the receiving end.  And it sucks if you are the one buried in those activities that continue to make cash for others…

Majority of us are broke, because we continue to make money for others whiles no one makes any money for us.  You cannot run away from making money for others in this world…NEVER!  What you can do is to neutralize things by making others to also make money for you.

Do you that Facebook has an estimated worth of over 100 billion dollars and in 2011, made $550 million in payment revenue alone?

Where do you think Facebook is making all this money from? The users of facebook including you and I are the ones making Facebook this money. If we all deactivate our accounts today and stop visiting, Facebook will make zero and it will be worth zero.

So the more time you spend on Facebook, the more money you make for Mark Zuckerberg  and his cronies.

I am not trying to tell you to stop visiting Facebook…How dare I? I am just pointing out to you how we continue to make millions for others with our daily activities.

Have you ever considered making others make money for you too? If you have not considered that, then you have to do that today because that is the only way you can jump from being broke to being RICH…

The owner of the company you work for is rich because you and the other workers continue to make him money. He then gives you a tiny fraction of the money to say; thank you for all the bucks you have made for me. That sucks but that is the fact!

Once again, you cannot run away from making money for others. What you can rightly do is to make sure that whiles you are making money for someone; others should also make some cash for you.

Do you know that the moment you turn on your TV to watch-entertain yourself, you begin to make money for the cable or broadcasting company?

Even as you read this, you are making me some money. It may suck but it is true. By simply reading this article, you have made me some few coins and if a lot of people read it, it piles up to become a lot.

This is one of the many ways I have decided to balance things so that I do only make money for others, which will make me forever, broke. But I can also get people like you to make me some CASH.

You may be a football fan who do not miss any football match your favourite team plays. You may have never gone to the stadium or paid any money directly to your team but the players continue to be paid large sums each week. Have you ever wondered where the money used to pay the players come from?

Among other sources, you make the team some money anytime you watch them play, enabling them to continue paying the players those large sums of money. This is another reason why you should get more upset if they do not perform. After all, the team uses some of the money you make for them to pay those lazy players.

I just want to bring your mind to rest on one fact; the people with money never made those bucks themselves alone. Some bunch of people like you, your friends and I made them the money which they enjoy alone.

This is a hidden but important secret to rising above the broke ladder, to becoming rich.  You cannot do it alone; you have to get others to help make the money for you. It doesn’t matter if they know they are making money for you or not. They may even derive a satisfaction whiles making you money.

Whenever you visit Facebook, you get to see the photos of your friend, chat to them and do a lot. Facbeook has become a good way to kill boredom- a great satisfactory tool for you and a big money making machine for the owners…

You may love or hate reading my articles…Whatever positive or negative satisfaction you derive from my articles is great. But it still does not stop me from making money from you.

Think about it and act now; if you want to rise above being BROKE, you have to get others to make money for you. And the more the people are, the more money you will get!


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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Esq
I am a Hedonist, Contrarian, Traveller, Lawyer, Atheist, Thinker, Writer, Minimalist & a Professional Truth Sayer.

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