Only Fools Wait For The Right Time, How I Got To Know This!


The moment I hear a person say ‘I am waiting for the right time’ I just delete them out of any practical possibilities. Such people will not taste success today, tomorrow or the day after until the mindset of waiting for the right time is kicked into a deep pit.

I was just like the above persons-a big fool. I was so obsessed with perfection that, I always polished my shoes twice before wearing them-at night and the next morning.

Even after my double polishing, I will have to wait for the rains to stop (if it was falling) before stepping out with the shoes. If it was not going to stop in time, I would step out with ‘my so not important shoes’.

This was my little outlook of things. And in the bigger world, I played the same card. Until things seem perfect or right to me, I will never go in for them. Until the water is right, I would never swim-and I was never able to swim until I killed this mindset.

Millions of people today are in similar situation, waiting for the water to be clean and have the right current, temperature and density before jumping into it to swim.

Chancing on the right time is a perfect fantasy and will only remain an illusion. If any of us wants to achieve something REAL in life, we must let go this idea curtailing our progress.

When is the right time? There is nothing like the right time in life and there is never going to be a right time. If you are waiting for the right time to start something, then you will wait forever.

I clearly remember when a young lady I liked who lived out of town visited her mother (our next house neighbour). She was in town for a week and as keen as I was to see her, I wanted to visit her at the right time.

Against all odds, I was able to establish what the right time would be for my visit. The right time was supposed to be a day that; my mother was not going to be home (so she will not ask where I was going), her mother or any of their residents was not also be at home (so that no one would ask questions or by chance tell my mother I visited) and more importantly, it was supposed to be a day that I had a spotless face. As a teenager then, I had occasional spots on my face and I did not want to visit her when they were on full display.

As days went by, I got frustrated and anxious since the right time was taking long and her 1 week stay was catching up.  I only needed these 3 things to happen and yet they were not forthcoming… There was a day my mother was not at home but her mother was there.

There was another day my mother and her mother went out to a funeral together but I had 3 big spots on my forehead.

Eventually, her week visit was over and she left without me making that all important visit. It was important to me and yet my wait on the right time rendered it useless.

I later realized I was not waiting for the right time; I was just being a fool, confusing fantasy with reality.

This is what many of us are doing in life with the things dearest to our hearts. Is it a baby that you want to have? Go ahead and do that and stop waiting for the right time, because it will never come.

Is it a course that you want to take? Go ahead and do it.

I always ask ‘if you will not like the stars of the universe to conspire against you, why do you expect them to come together in pleasantness just for you’?

You can decide to wait on so many things but the moment you start waiting for the right time, then you are in for an eternal wait.

If you ever want the right time to act, then that right time is today. Today is the only right time in life because that is all you have, you may not even see tomorrow.

Waiting for the right time actually means doing nothing forever. Anytime someone tells you he/she is waiting for the right time, just remember this. And anytime you decide to wait for the right time yourself, don’t forget it too.

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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Esq
I am a Hedonist, Contrarian, Traveller, Lawyer, Atheist, Thinker, Writer, Minimalist & a Professional Truth Sayer.


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