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6 Things Women HATE So Much, Don’t Ever Say It To Them

I have experienced them all…I have said them all to different women on different occasions and the reactions were all the same-they wanted to either kick me in the balls, stab me, call me a punk or never talk to me again…

As a man, never say these things to any woman if you do not want to offend them or do not want to be slapped in public.

1. Don’t Ever Ask If She Is Pregnant

What is the big deal if a woman is pregnant…right? Going to a woman to ask; oh when are you due or when is the baby coming can be extensively rude, especially when the woman is not pregnant as you think.

These days, we have several women with bellies matching that of pregnant women. The fact that a woman has somehow a big stomach does not necessary mean she is pregnant. It could be anything.

Even if you are 100% sure that she is pregnant (huge 8 months belly), just keep it to yourself until she mentions it to you. Avoid any comment that will suggest a woman is pregnant.

2. Avoid Calling Them Honey, Darling, Sweety, Sweetheart, ETC

Unless a woman is your girlfriend, wife, mother, sister or a very close friend, never throw the above words at them. Do not go about thinking women love to be sweet talked into things by calling every woman you meet on the street-darling, baby, sweetheart or honey.

Do not walk into a shop and start saying; honey how much is the shirt? Simply say, excuse me, how much is the shirt…That way, you will leave the shop smiling!

3. Don’t Ask Or Suggest A Woman’s Age

Age is a mere number but to women, it is their greatest secret and they will only let you know when they want to. Several women are embarrassed about their age (old or young) and as such, asking them their age makes them feel uncomfortable.

Do not be cunning by suggesting how old you think they are. They hate that more. Simple leave their ages to them and let them tell you when they want to. Unless absolutely necessary, avoid discussing age with women.

You never know what will hurt them when it comes to age. You may think you are going to compliment them by saying; oh I thought you were younger or I thought you were older, but you will end up embarrassing them.

4. Never Say To A Woman-Bytch, Hoe, C*unt, ETC

You may see some women happily dancing to songs calling them the above names in certain urban videos. Remember this is just a video and these women are only happily dancing to the money they are going to get, not the name calling.

Women find these words extensively bad and disrespectful. The fact that you hear the words being used in most rap music does not mean, they are acceptable to women.

If you do not want to be ‘gang slapped’ by women, stay away from these offensive words.

It can even go beyond just receiving some slaps; you can be sued for this or be fired from work if you go about calling women bytches, etc.

5. Do Not Say ‘For A Woman, You Do This So Well’

Everybody likes a compliment but make sure you are giving a compliment since most people confuse this with stereotyping.

I once said to a friend who was giving me a lift; for a woman, you drive very well. And the next minute, I was walking to catch the bus. She threw me out of her car…

I could have simply said; you drive very well.

Suggesting that, women are bad at things and a particular woman is an exception may seem like a compliment but most women see that as stereotyping.

Remember, what men can do, women can do best. No need to condone the premise that ‘women are inferior’ and try to elevate it with the conclusion ‘this one is different or special’.

6. Never Comment About A Woman’s Weight

It may be obvious and shining like the sun, still you have to stay away from affirming it. If a woman looks fat, leave it to her. She definitely has a mirror or other female friends who will know how to tell her in the best way.

Saying or suggesting a woman has gained weight or lost weight (if not your job) can be embarrassing to them. If you cherish the person, then close your eye to her body index.

Do not attempt the stupid “buying toothpaste for someone who has a smelling mouth” game, it will backfire with women. Avoid any action, omission or the use of innuendos which will indirectly target a woman’s weight issue because she will quickly know what you are about.

From your experience, what can you add to the above? What do you think one must avoid saying to women in order to be in their good books?

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