Building Your Own Door When All Doors Are Shut Is The Key To Success


It is very frustrating when you leave school and join the job seekers wagon. Employers you come across are not ready to nurture a fresh school leaver into a matured job holder. They all require an applicant with experience; you then ask yourself, how I am going to be experienced if someone does not carry me along and teach me the basics of the job. You reach a point where all doors are shut in your face, and then it gets to a point you wish you are your own boss, time for you to build your own door.

Majority of us were expected to go to school, graduate and work in an office somewhere. But nobody instilled the ‘do it yourself’ attitude in us that you can learn to be your own boss! Haven’t you sat in class with people who read and learn but just don’t get the head and tail of the course?

It is not their calling to be studying medicine or administration. Give them a faulty phone or laptop and they’ll shut their eyes and repair them in seconds, even though they’ve never ‘studied’ what goes into repairing these stuff.

The big businesses we see everywhere did not just pop out of the sky; someone thought it wise to build a door for others to pass through by doing what they’re passionate about. Every job title was created by a human being; a woman going through bad marriage crisis is a marriage counsellor, a guy will mix ingredients in his kitchen and start producing sauces, somebody mixed chilli and tomatoes and wrote a recipe book; people pay big money to eat what you and I will call ‘crap’, and that crap is somebody’s brainchild.

All the above examples are probably people who had doors being shut in their face and decided to use what they have to start building their own doors.

I’m not saying that we should all be entrepreneurs, far from that, we can’t all be because of our differences in passion, academics etc., and the world will even be a boring place if everybody is doing the same thing.

Some of us are sitting in places where we should not be, some of us are moving from one office to the other and employers still need experience, our ‘calling/destiny’ is in creating jobs for others, solving other people’s problems and doing works of art. If you’re familiar with Pablo Picassos’ works, you don’t really see anything extraordinary but it sells at cut throat prices.

Building is not easy, but it takes passion, goals, effort and time to build. The problem with our generation is that we really don’t have the patience and stamina to see things grow, we want everything quick and fast.

Also, people who come from wealthy families just don’t want to branch out and do something different, they rest on the family’s success and run down a business they’ve inherited. Success is not inherited!

You dream big and you start small. It’s not an easy task but it is achievable. Like Doris Day said ‘Que Sera Sera’ (whatever will be will be); but it is will never be if you don’t take any action.

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