Why You Do Not Have A Dream In Life & Yet You Think You Have…


Dreams are like opinions, everyone has one and they are easily formed. You do not have to pay in any way for having a dream, coming up with a dream or consistently sharing your dream with yourself.

Since having a dream is FREE, we all think we have one. In fact, you do not have an actual dream until it begins to materialize or until you begin to work towards it by sacrificing or adding value to that dream.

How can you have something that is FREE? For instance, who owns the air we breathe in this world? None of us, because it is free. Therefore you do have or own any dream until you have established some sort of control or dominance over it by beginning to make it happen.

I once found myself seated by a very pretty young girl who was full of dreams on a train.  Few minutes into our chat, she began to tell me about her all-important and amazing dreams. They sounded splendid and she almost earned my respect for them.

However, when I asked her how long she has had those dreams, her answered indicated that in fact she has no dreams. Like many other people, she just knew how to put sentences together to convey a striking message which she called a dream.

This young girl I chanced on a conversation with described so convincingly how much she loves fashion and her dream of having a fashion-line.  She was in her mid-twenties and on her own account; she has always had this dream-since the age of 10.

Fifteen good years after nurturing or picking up something for free (a dream); she has not done anything towards its achievement, suggesting that she does not really have a dream. As I stated above, you do not have something that is free for all.

If you think you have a dream and you are not doing anything (no matter how little) towards achieving that dream, then it is time to stop deceiving yourself because you have no dream.

You only have a dream when you have become the ‘owner’ of it by having suffered a loss (sacrifice) because of that particular dream.

If your dream is to become a doctor, until you have started working towards realizing that dream, you are ‘dreamless’.

I can wake up today and say, my dream is to become a Physicist, the next day, I can say my dream is to become an Accountant and the day after next, my dream is to become a model.  What does this tell you? I do not have a dream.

However, if I enrol into a modelling academy and I say my dream is to become a model, this is when I have a ‘real dream’.  I have moved from ‘mere words’ to having a dream because I am making some sacrifice to ensure that things happen.

If your dream is to become a footballer and you are currently in a music school, not doing anything directly or indirectly geared towards becoming a footballer, then I am sorry to tell you that you do not have a dream of becoming a footballer.

Many of us have words and sketches which we call dreams. They may be dreams as in the word-DREAMS (meaning fantasy), but in actual sense of life, they are not achievable dreams.

From the above, what do you think are your dreams? Which of them is a real dream? What are you doing to ensure that your dream materializes?

Are you one of the many people who think they have a dream in life when actually they do not have one?

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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Esq
I am a Hedonist, Contrarian, Traveller, Lawyer, Atheist, Thinker, Writer, Minimalist & a Professional Truth Sayer.


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  1. Every person has a dream. Everyone needs to have a dream; in my view to live without a dream is a life without a purpose, whether the dream will materialise or not. The young woman you met has her dream, I believe she’s being thinking/dreaming about it, maybe in her mind she’s searching for ways and means to make that dream a reality, the fact that she may not be doing anything about it physically does not mean her dream will not materialise at some point in her life, she’s talking about it to a stranger, that’s a progress.
    Having a dream or dreaming about your desires can be liked to a farmer cultivating his field, preparing the ground for the seeds, it can take time, sometimes the season is not fitting, for example bad weathers prevents farmers from planting the seeds, etc. As the Bible says there is time for everything, and it’s never too later to realise one’s dream. Some people are blessed, in the sense that they are born onto ‘grounds’ that are already cultivated and prepared for seeding and therefore their dreams materialised early on in their lifetime, some people are very passionate about their dreams, from a young age and they will not rest until that dream comes to pass, often such people are naturally confident, assertive and very articulate, and then there are people who are passionate about their dreams, but lack confidence in themselves or in their abilities to make that dream come true, such people need someone to encourage and have belief in them. It’s different for everybody.
    In my view, once a person have identified an idea or a desire in their minds, which they can call their dreams, they have already established some sort of control or dominance over what they want, because until you have established some sort of control over your dream, in your mind, that dream can not begin to happen, I say this because until, you have fantasize enough about your dream, whereby you can see and feel the end results or your achievement in your mind set you can not begin to embank on making that dream come true.
    I once read a story about a guy who become a doctor, his father was a doctor, and had a practice; the father wanted the son to inherited the practice. The guy’s interest was in music, he actually wanted to be a rock star, but he did not want to disappoint his father. For some 20 years he was a very good doctor, and then when his father died, he was 48 years old, he felt he was too old to become a rock star, so he turned the general practice into a music school and taught music.
    Everyone must have a dream, and must keep dreaming until it becomes a reality because all things are possible to those who dare to dream.

    1. Thanks for commenting Ama. I understand where you are coming from. However, I think you have ignored to look at the distinctions I considered between a mere dream-fantasy (which is just dreaming about things like the girl I met without any real action having been taken to make those things a reality). And what I called REAL dreams, which is, moving beyond the concept of fantasy and working or doing more than mere thinking about it (no matter how little it may be), to ensure that things happen.

      I do not think sitting on a mere thinking for a considerable period of time like 15 years as the girl has done, makes what she has a real dream. It is a real (as in the word fantasy) but then, not a real dream…

      Anyway, how are you?