Being Stagnant Stinks! It’s Time To Climb Higher


It seems some of us are very comfortable with our present situations and status. Isn’t it about time we move out of our comfort zone and climb higher?

Even if you’re sitting up there or you feel you’ve gained enough knowledge in life, you can still refresh your mind and your skills to climb higher. Climbing higher in life may be social, educational, self-esteem or professional.

Broaden your horizon. Don’t be stagnant; when something becomes stagnant, it stinks. We should encourage ourselves to move from our stagnancy and move to higher heights.

Avoid procrastination; you’ll not climb higher when you’re always procrastinating, anything you want to do should be done now.

We always tend to postpone a lot, ‘I will do it tomorrow’ and ‘the’ tomorrow never comes. If you want to further your education, taking a professional course, start your own business or anything you’ve set your heart on, embrace a ‘do it now’ attitude.

Don’t write your plans on paper and keep telling the paper, today, tomorrow. This way, it will never get done. Picking up the application form, making enquiries or even asking for expertise advice is one positive step. It is time to divorce that procrastinating attitude.

Each and every one has got a unique talent. Discover yours and make good use of it. It’s better to try your hands at different things and discover your strong points rather than not trying at all.

It is not everyone who readily knows what their talent is. Some people do not know what they are good at; they try their hands at different things before they find what is meant for them. I’m still figuring out what mine is, if you’re lucky to know what you’re good at, tap into it.

People make millions through what they call their hobbies, but in actual fact, that is their talent.

Be yourself, don’t wish or yearn to be somebody else. The fact that your friend or sibling is studying to be a Doctor, Nurse or Lawyer does not mean you should also follow the same lane. Don’t run somebody’s race, run your own race. What might work for me may not work for you. Do what YOU want to do to climb up.

Some people don’t climb higher because of fear of failing. If the thought of failing grips you, you’ll never take a step. If you want to continue your education and you’re scared of failing because you left the classroom years ago, you’re not going to achieve anything. Age has nothing to do with education or going back to school.

Do away with envy; it doesn’t add value to your life. Don’t sit at the bottom of the steps and envy those climbing. There is nothing wrong to admire something or somebody, but it should end there.

All the time you’re taking to envy someone, you can use that time to do something meaningful.

Are you waiting for someone to motivate you? You’ll wait forever, motivate yourself, and challenge yourself to always be the best. Whatever you want to do and can do, be bold and start off one step at a time. We’re climbing, not leaping!

Wake-up! Some of us have been sleeping for too long.

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