Are You Losing Yourself To Robots? Get A Real Life With The Real World…


Life is beautiful, full of magnificence and elegance. Life can also be a painful journey, full of anguish and mistakes.

The uniqueness of real life events and real life journey is embedded in the non-existence of a DELETE button-forget the time travel theories for now.

There is more to life than we know, there is more to see in life than we have ever seen and will ever see… The whole of life can never be boring because it is full of shock waves, pleasant breezes, surprises and uncertainty.

Our best and probably superior characteristic as human beings is our ability to have face to face communication and experience one another.

However, it seems many of us give no relevance to this amazing ability we have in life as we prefer to become machines (robots) than the human being that we are.

I love technology and I appreciate all the goodness and splendidness that come with it, but I won’t ever want to trade my human capacity, experience and existence for it.

Gradually and unconsciously, it seems we are trading being complex human beings for being robotic individuals congregating in a virtual world where our thoughts and actions are interpreted by machines.

Am I the only who feels we are gradually losing an important part of our existence as human beings-personal communications and interpersonal experiences?

We do not seem to care much about each other anymore; at least that is how it seems if you will rather text your friend to find out how he/she is recovering from a sickness instead of going there to see him/her.

The beauty of the human relationship seems to be gradually losing its importance to technological inventions like Facebook, Twitter, BBM, SMS, Skype and several others.

As I mentioned above, I love and cherish the fast lanes these technologies bring into our lives. However, instead of complementing the beautiful lives we had, it is gradually taking over our sense of gathering.

We are being defined by technology; our human activities are losing their importance as we delve deep into the world of robots.

When was the last time you heard the real voice of your best friend (I mean not through a technology)?  We seem to have cut down all the efforts we cherished and had to pump in to interact and meet our loved ones.

Most of us tweet more messages in a day than we actually say with our mouth.  Many of our thoughts and words are not being sent out by our mouths, rather by tiny robots in our hands.

What happened to visiting real friends in the real world we find ourselves? I have a friend who is able to visit 300 of his friends in just 30 minutes. It sounds impossible right? But he does that almost every day through their face book pages. What a wacky life we have!

If I was told few years ago that, a time will come when people will prefer visiting you virtually to check on you rather than coming to see you in real life, I would have never believed it. Today, almost everything we do relegate the importance of the real world and real life experience.

Maybe we love to use the many DELETE buttons rather than correct our mistakes with a follow up action. What is life if we do not make mistakes and do not put in efforts to correct and learn from them?

Are you not scared that the machines will soon take over? I think they have even taken over most of the things that make us superior animals.

No one seems to care about expressing real love with real world things anymore. I have kissed my girlfriend more times with smileys and emoticons than I have in real life.

I think I have even said I love her more with technology than I have actually told her in person. That is sickening right? But it seems that is what we are all doing.

The lifestyle of today has made it compulsory that we give the virtual world and robots the mandate to rule our existence, some will argue. Does that make it right? Are we not heading for a big crash?

What happened to taking up what you rightly cherish and living according to your style? Do you know you probably attend to your mobile phone more than you attend to yourself?

Most of us eat with our phones in our hands and even visit the bathroom with them in our hands. Sometimes, I wish I cared and carried my real life ambition and dreams the way I did with my mobile phone.

I know I have lost it all to technology but I am fighting hard to reclaim some of the most important things that make life real. When it comes to the people I really love, I am making effort to talk to them more in persons than through robots… At least I have to start from somewhere…right? What about you?

When it comes to living, I will rather go into the real world, make mistakes and put in efforts to correct them.  Living a full virtual world life and constantly hitting the DELETE button teaches nothing about the magnificence of life, except how to be quick in deleting.

Look at your life and answer this; are you losing yourself to technology (robots)? How do you feel about this?

The beauty of life can never be fully enjoyed through technologies but through human relations, encounters and experience.

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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Esq
I am a Hedonist, Contrarian, Traveller, Lawyer, Atheist, Thinker, Writer, Minimalist & a Professional Truth Sayer.


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  1. LOL 😀 that is too funny and true I do see ppl carry their phones likes it’s their child or something. I love this article it hits home hard wen u said about messages a sick friend instead of visiting. Guilty guilty guilty…hmmmmm I guess we are busier so its easier but I know that is an excuse really. Thankd for the wakeup call! 🙂

    1. I am glad you have spotted where you are guilty…LOL. We seem to be giving it all away to technology. And we are killing the true human feeling and experience that comes with Life.